The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Cat Daddy 2013年9月7日上午9:01
Your Daily Fav Screenshots Thread - Pin Ups/Anime/Action Shots etc allowed
This is a thread for people who want to add ANY type of skyrim screenshot they feel they want to. I know we have a basic screenshot thread but that does not allow images that contain poses/skimpy/non lore friendly stuff or other various things, so thats why we have this one which allows those and pretty much anything else. Basically during your skyrim adventures if you take an image/screenshot you like and want to show it off then you can add it here without worry as this is a thread which is ok with pretty much anything (To a point obviously).

The thread itself is for Pin-ups/Anime/manga/skimpy (to a point, no full nudes or anything like that) battle shots and various others. If you dont like pin-up poses thats fine, just dont insult others or give them crap because YOU dont like it and feel that the world needs to know your 2 cents about it. IF any members do give others abuse then please just ignore them and report that user to the moderators.

I was asked to so here
引用自 Silicon Vampire
May I remind everyone, this topic is titled "Your Daily Fav Screenshots Thread - Pin Ups/Anime/Action Shots etc allowed" Not "the great debate on what constitutes a screenshot."

Keep it on topic, anything else will be removed and appropriate action taken.

Its the forums for everyone so lets all be adult about this ok. No flaming / swearing / trolling or other such things

Some people have asked what TYPE of screenshots are ok here. Its pretty much anything really but heres a list of everything you can add if you like (so long as its skyrim obviously)

Group shots
action shots
battle shots
kill shots

As i said before its pretty much anything

As i have mentioned before im hoping this can be a collection of members screenshots that they feel is the most impressive that they have taken on the day or that they feel most proud of in general.

Anyways heres my throw at the hat and lets please be adult about this all

I really would like to get this screenshot thread stickied if i could considering we are over 2000+ posts now. Anyone got an idea how we could do that then it would be good.

Also it appears some people had trouble posting screenshots? Im not sure if i have copied this right but heres how to take images and upload them

How to post an image:
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Emmote 2013年9月7日下午3:22 
Can't for the life of me remember where this was taken. But found a load of glowy orbs leading me through a dungeon.
The Baron 2013年9月7日下午3:26 
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Cat Daddy 2013年9月7日下午3:42 
baron is that NORMAL sky?? did you use a mod for that because i dont think ive seen that type of sky in my game before
The Baron 2013年9月7日下午3:53 
Unmodded's another example, and another personal fave :
最后由 The Baron 编辑于; 2013年9月7日下午3:55
Cat Daddy 2013年9月7日下午4:27 
huh....thats odd...i sure as hell dont think i have seen sky like that in my skyrim but then again i have been using WET+COLD weather might be why
Cat Daddy 2013年9月8日上午10:46 
new one added. I mainly like this just for inigos face expression and how good the sword looks
Cat Daddy 2013年9月9日下午4:58 
added this one today

i think its too bright but im working on the settings as its a new lighting mod. I hope to somehow get a proper balance for the lighting
Elfendrago 2013年9月10日上午6:40 
what armor is the valkyrie wearing in that pic i and where can i find it please help
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