The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Praxius 2013年9月7日上午8:27
Best Combat or Kill Screenshot:
So there's been a few different screenshot threads going around.... some towards landscapes, or your character, or those pin up "things", and others for posting anything you could think of.

I would like to start a discussion specifically towards your best Kill or Combat Screenshot.

While I have a few to choose from, I would like to start off with a screenshot I just took only a few minutes ago:

Grelod the Kind!

Right below the left ear and out through the top right side of her skull using a Soul Capturing Dragon Priest Dagger.... and yes.... I got her soul with that shot & plan to use it for something special. I do love how my character looks her in the eyes as she drives the dagger through her miserable head. Gutter Snipe this you wrinkly handbag.


引用自 Hunter7301
how do i post a picture?

You need to copy the URL of the page that shows your screenshot with the comments section / thumbs up rating.... if you link the URL of the image itself (when you click on the above page image mentioned) you will just get a long URL link in your post here, rather than the thumbnail one you see from everybody else.

If you click the quote button from any poster in here and copy the link from the quoted text, then paste that in your browser, you will see what page you need to copy and link in your posts.
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Praxius 2013年9月7日上午9:39 
Nice ones. Here's a few more of mine:

"Clean Shave? Coming right up"

"Alduin is having an outer body experience"

"Alduin Before his Departure"
r0bert 2013年9月14日下午5:04 
Last thing going throug this bandit's mind was an ebony arrowhead.
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r0bert 2013年9月15日上午8:15 
Entry between the shoulder blades, exit just below the eye.
Praxius 2013年9月15日下午7:34 
As I delivered the final death blow.... little did I know I was to have an arrow driven into my ♥♥♥♥
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