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Puchina🔰 26 sierpnia 2013 o 21:57
Help me defeat archer draugr overlord
im in level 60+ and any foes are easy, Reverend dragon? pfft , Ancient dragon? pfft but the draugr overlord kept killing me with his ebony bow in 2 shot so is there any way to defeat draugr lord without cheating and what armor do i use?

i use light armor with ancient falmer armor sets
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Jogon 26 sierpnia 2013 o 22:47 
Plenty of poisons. Bow with high rated arrows, dodge and run fast. It might take a while but you will wear him down in the end.
Manimal T. Hunter 27 sierpnia 2013 o 0:19 
conjuring 75+ Conjure Dremora Lord spell or use the staff Sanguine Rose
Highteg 27 sierpnia 2013 o 0:25 
if you didn't do the Dark Brotherhood Quests yet go and do it. After playing a while a quest will come up where you are supposed to poison someone important. instead of using the poison kill your target with a arow or something continue the quest and keep the ingredient for the poison.
Now use this ingredient to create a potion with an other ingredient that does damage to health.
You get a potion that does around 2000 damage depending on your alchemy skill.
The Rock God 27 sierpnia 2013 o 0:48 
Disarm, stagger, and knockdown abilities make fights like this super easy. You should have at least one of them available. Invisibility can put you in melee range without being seen.
Daren K. 27 sierpnia 2013 o 0:49 
Use stealth, and take pop shots at him, just be sure to stay hidden.
Praxius 27 sierpnia 2013 o 1:55 
Another few things you can do is ensure you leveled your blocking so shields deflect arrows.... Use a dagger or bow/arrows with paralysis to get some free hits. Use Unrelenting Force and throw him into a wall or to the ground so get some more free hits before he can attack again.....
nephthar 27 sierpnia 2013 o 12:16 
Nobody mentions healing yourself! :D Id guess you are in light armor if the archer is 2 shotting you so cast a spell like ebonyflesh on yourself which I assume you have at lvl 60+. I like to use a slow time shout and rush in.
DerAlleinTiger 27 sierpnia 2013 o 12:18 
Three words: FUS RO DA!!!!
White Knight 27 sierpnia 2013 o 12:33 
I think it's cool that there are so many ways to skin this cat. The one I depend upon is stealth plus distractions. I use my companion and atronachs to distract my enemies while I fill them with arrows from the shadows. No one should be able to kill you in two shots since you have the amazing power to stop time, open your menu and heal yourself after the first shot.

Anything that can slow them down or immobilize them is golden! Paralysis and Ice Form are my goto favs.

You wear Falmer armour? Why? Get the best light armour you can get a hold of and enchant it to the best of your abilities - better yet, get some good heavy armour.

Draugr Overlords should be a cake-walk for someone of your level - you have been neglecting the basics, I suspect.
stabbykitteh 27 sierpnia 2013 o 13:06 
Początkowo opublikowane przez KL*KNoSC DerAlleinTiger:
Three words: FUS RO DA!!!!
This or the Ice Form shout are good for getting some distance between you and your target, while getting in a few unblocked hits in the process.
Hundr 27 sierpnia 2013 o 13:08 
Cerramir 27 sierpnia 2013 o 13:30 
I'm with the potions and distractions guys. I play an archer primarily and i'm all about sneak attacks and wearing them down w/ companions and summons against heavy opponents (i try to kill them outright naturally w/ my first shot or at least do a ton of damage by frontloading the first shot). Downing a quick heal potion then popping out for that perfect shot. The archer skill that staggers opponents has saved my hide countless times against high-end draugr. I just got done going thru a dungeon and it had a bunch of upper-level draugr types. I had a rough go of it.

It's been awhile since i played. After leveling my alchemy for a good while and grabbing a bunch of levels my gear was outdated a bit. People tend to forget to mention that part when they talk about leveling non-combat skills to super high levels like alchemy and smithing. Sure you can buy the basic gear for your level at the local shop or smith your own but your skill w/ using that fancy new bow you just got is for s--t and you're trying to use it against much tougher beasties now. Grinding out that pickpocket skill or w/e can get ya killed in the end.
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Praxius 27 sierpnia 2013 o 20:31 
Um I mentioned smithing and enchanting didn't I? :P
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