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Lizard King 17/ago/2013 às 20:40
Bandit arrow damage way too high
I'm like level 25 or so and I have pretty good armor for my level, on par with ebony.
I play on hard and most bandits aren't a problem, but for whatever reason, bandits seem to kill me in one hit when they have a bow. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?
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Sturmgewehr_44 17/ago/2013 às 21:09 
archery in skyrim is vastly overpowered, no matter if you or bandits use it. At high, i sense this is normal. You can tweak something like this in the creation kit.
DFH01 17/ago/2013 às 21:17 
If i was you i'd get leveled up a bit more, sh*t happens, and it ain't broke, so it don't need fixing
GREG 17/ago/2013 às 21:38 
Do you have any mods. i got one recently that increased damage of arrows and i didnt know intill i created an archer
Lizard King 17/ago/2013 às 21:53 
Escrito originalmente por YOUR FACE GODDAMMIT:
Do you have any mods. i got one recently that increased damage of arrows and i didnt know intill i created an archer
Not that I know of
Pixels 17/ago/2013 às 22:00 
you're taking a freaking arrow. try taking an arrow anywhere on your body and try to continue doing what you had planned
White Knight 17/ago/2013 às 23:18 
My suggestion would be to try not to get hit by arrows. They're a bit like bullets in that even one can ruin your entire day.

I heard that Markarth needs a new baker...those guys probably don't get shot with arrows too often.
Trigger 17/ago/2013 às 23:26 
Get behind a damm tree or a rock, only stupid people stand in the open
Lizard King 18/ago/2013 às 0:31 
Gee sure am glad I made this thread. I learned that everyone on steam has autism.
Pixels 18/ago/2013 às 1:23 
Escrito originalmente por Shoes:
Gee sure am glad I made this thread. I learned that everyone on steam has autism.

you learned that everyone on steam can avoid being hit by arrows but you
Sapheveque 18/ago/2013 às 1:29 
lol yeah, why are there so many strange comments here?

Is your health lowered by something? Do you have like a negative active effect that's making you more suceptible to arrows, damage, magic, etc? I have no idea what could be causing the problem, I'm just throwing out ideas hahaha.
⌫Krimverse⌦ 18/ago/2013 às 1:31 
i think he aims for the knee too much
Ilja 18/ago/2013 às 1:59 
You have only level 25 chracter. It isn't a wonder that they manage to kill it. I will paint even more "fantastic" future in front of you eyes telling, that high level archers can actually stagger your character with their arrows.

Use bow, shield, stealth, magic or guile, but don't run headlong to places like Robber's Gorge. Skyrim is a game, not runtrough.

I'm sure you figure out your own way to handle situations like this. Forming a strategy against enemy groups is - after all - part of the fun, and fun is what we are after. Right?
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DFH01 18/ago/2013 às 3:42 
Well shoes i guess you can console yourself with this little bit of news. About 10 mins after i posted in this thread, my character " lvl 70 playing on legendary " was killed by a dragon, now you can poke some fun at me, if you want to that is... ;)
Ishayu 10/out/2013 às 20:26 
Would just like to chime in and bump this thread. I'm a platewearing warrior-type with shield, level 42, and full glass armor. A single arrow will oneshot me, removing 520 health in one hit. It also sends me flying across the map as if I had been hit by a giant or an explosion.

I play without mods.

After googling, I've found out that NPC's with arrows can deal thousands of damage in one hit when you level up, scaling completely out of whack to do around 20 times more damage than the melee power attack from a similarly levelled mob.

What the actual ****? I like challenging alright, but being one-shot by arrows is pretty stupid.
guys 11/out/2013 às 0:03 
I agree that arrows are overpowered in comparison to the other weapons. Yeh getting hit in the arrow in the arm would stop you in your tracks, but getting hit in the arm but a warhammer at full swing does ♥♥♥♥ all compared to a piece of wood with a pointy end hitting you according to this game.
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