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finally i got Skyrim
I always wanted to get Skyrim but it just never got to the point of actually buying it. So yesterdsay I finally bought it here on steam :) Really exited to get started and go out in the world to explore it. I've seen a lot of great mods with will enhance the graphics of this game. I found a good collection of 40+ mods in the Workshop and signed up for it. My question now is; are these mods automaticly active in the game or do I need to switch them on ingame?

thanks in advance!
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Depends on what the mods are, some of the larger mods have configs
i've signed up to this

can you tell me if this is any good, and do I need more? Sorry for being a n00b, but I really am about this game/modding
Play it in vanilla first to get feel for the game how to do this and that, fight, magic, then add mods later. We don't want you coming back later saying my game crashed etc, etc. PS read old posts in this forum you will get the picture. Enjoy the game
okay, I will do that! Really looking forward to diving into this game.
One of the best experinces (game) available. There is just sooo much to do and see. As for modding, I do agree with starting vanilla, but the Skyrim Nexus has an amazing range of mods. I haven't used any from the Workshop tho. Skyrom Nexus is free to sign up for and is great. You can check out Gopher's vids on youtube as well. He has great tutorials for mods and good ones to start out with. I think he just started redoing them too, so they are up to date. They have patches for all the game and dlc that fix bugs and things, so it is a really good thing to get into.
Yeah, start vanilla and then as you get into it, start getting some mods. Faster horses, new realms, new items, new quests...the sky is the limit for this game.
Right you have to watch out 40 mods may cause conflict and crash the game and I wouldnt use mods straight away complete some of the questlines and get some good gear 1st
ok thanks alot everybody. I'll throw away the mods. If I unsign em in the Workshop, will the be deinstalled?
Yes, but if you want to play them later just turn them off in the Data menu. On that way you dont have to download them again;)
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