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Shields: Armor Value or +Block Damage%?
So, when it comes to shields, which is generally more important, armor score or any bonus to blocking damage it has? In other words, around how much armor should I be willing to give up per point of +block damage%?
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drail3 24 iul., 2013 @ 13:09 
Blocking is a Skill and Armor is a Skill also. You have to take damage to build a high armor level, and its the same with Block, you have to be hit while Blocking to build a high Block Skill. Other than that its up to the type of armor in question, and its enchantments.

A full Heavy Armor suit with a Skill level 100, and a Full Heavey Armor Shield with Block level 100 is the best, however when enchanting you have Fortify Heavy Armor rating, and you have Block more damage. In my opinion "Block more damage" is worthless. So are Shields.

Personally I do not use a shield because it takes up a hand, and I would rather have two blades, my bow, or blade and heal.

Just make a full suit of Dragon Bone or Daedric Armor, and enchant every part with Fortify "Heavy Armor + Fortify Stamina Regen". You will be strong as hell, and be able to preform power attacks more often.
I'm not referring to the Light/Heavy Armor and Block skills - I'm referring to the armor values on the shield itself versus any +Blocking Damage% it might also have on it.
drail3 24 iul., 2013 @ 15:18 
Dude, You have a Block Skill, and you have (Block More Damage%) Enchantments... BUT ...all the (Block More Damage%) in the world doesn't matter UNLESS you are blocking already.

Every set of armor has Shields and Bucklers that reflect that armors defense and style. Each armors Shields have a defense value, and no matter that Shield value, the % of (Block More Damage) enchantments you add to your Shield, armor, rings, necklace, circlets, will be added to the Shileds base value.

All you can do is

1. go to the forge,
2. make the bigest version of the strongest shield,
3. then enchant every item you have equipped with the strongest (Block More Damage%) enchantment that you have
4. after drinking the strongest Fortify Enchanting potion that you can make,
5. while wearing a full suit of Fortify Alchemy...

Even then there are MUCH better ways to play Skyrim. I play the Tank. When I fight, I actually FIGHT. Who wants to spend a fight hiding behind a Shield? Deal as much damage as you can, and stay stocked up on healing potions and high-end food (if you have the right mods).

Long story short, Shields are cool, but not very effective, they block damage, sure, but they cut your FIGHTING ability in half.
Again, not what I'm talking about. I know how to block. Just wondering (roughly) how much Armor, if any, value it's worth giving up for how much block damage percentage... (especially if you're not an Enchanter and are stuck with something like a Hide Shield with +15% block damage)
drail3 24 iul., 2013 @ 17:58 
Dude... I dont know how to break it down any more for you... Shields are not the way to go. Beef up your Armor rating, and develop either magic or blade skill... forget the Shields... lol
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