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UFO vs Amazing follower tweaks
Both these mods make the followers way more awesome and i am unsure as to which one I should choose. I assume they are not compatible with one another( If they are please tell me so i can get both) so which one is better? If anyone has tried them please tell me which is superior. thanks.
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download both, uncheck one make clean save play one and see if you like it, if not, then uncheck the one you do not like- install the other one go back to your clean save and start over again. delete the playthrough and the mod.
I personally prefer AFT, though I have not tried UFO in quite a while, they may have improved it, I dunno.
I have an explaination in my guide on this

you can use BOTH and get BOTH to work perfectly with a little messing around of files in mod manager. Have a look in the guide for more info
SENTAR 2013年7月23日 16時53分 
link ur guide
its on the steam guides section under Modding and configs

it should be titled
Ultimate Mod guide - Lore and Un-Lore friendly Mix

It goes into detail on how to get BOTH ufo and AFT to work together without any problems

If you still cant find it then go to my steam page (click on my avatar) and look on my guides section
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SENTAR 2013年7月23日 20時14分 
k sounds good
Haylee 2013年7月23日 20時16分 
EFF is the best
JoxerNL の投稿を引用:
EFF is currently far superior, UFO does -NOT- have support for the dragonborn expansion, which bugs out the awesome Teldryn for example.
If you do not have Dragonborn, then UFO is by far the superior addon.

Somebody made a patch for UFO that adds support for DB
ufo DOES work for DB - your files clearly must not be in the correct orders. Using AFT and UFO together is easy and simple enough and they should work together for both dlcs - you need the unoffical patches for all dlcs however

It has 7,019 unique downloads and 230 endorsements at the time of this post,
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relax joxer and dont get your panties in a twist

if you read what i wrote CORRECTLY then you will see i said you need the unoffical patches for starters. Plus i have UFo AND AFT working toegther at the same time. BOTH work perfectly with both DB and DG

so yeah its on your end mate. Ive already said before i have a guide on how to get BOTH to work perfectly with each other without clashes or issues. Give them both an install and try and you shouldnt have a problem. Why download only 1 when 2 makes the game better?
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SENTAR 2013年7月24日 12時37分 
I will try these soon
Thundercats makes it sound like some big mystery (however great guide you did). There's no tweaking to get AFT & UFO working together. He only says to not install both or the 2nd mod when you have followers or there'll be issues losing them.
The guide for modding which is best I've seen so far is at
Shelt 2013年8月10日 17時27分 
UFO is no longer being supported and it will interfere with your Hearthfire steward's dialgoue. Use AFT.
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