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MMO may not work,.
I'm really wondering if this is the right change or direction ,.Killer sacrifice for the cost of time,..just saying,..
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there will be an Elder Scrolls 6, plus there will be an Elder Scrolls MMO.
A lot of people play the elder scrolls specifically because it is single player.
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me too,.I'm old school ,.I love it because it's a escape and i don't want to lose that,.

I really don't know why Bethesda (as a publisher) ever became interested in making TES into an MMO. Even though many people still play them MMOs are kind of on the downhill slope in terms of widespread popularity. It also doesn't help that every MMO that's come along and claims to be a WOW-killer falls flat, not b/c it's a bad game, but b/c it's not good enough to drag people away from their maxed out Night Elf character.

TESO will experience the exact same thing as The Old Republic did. It'll have a somewhat successful launch, it'll be very popular for about a couple weeks, and then we'll see player-pop numbers drop and the game will begin to fade away until they announce it's going F2P in an effort to get people back onboard.

My guess is that they're assuming the large amount of TES fans will be interested in this MMO simply b/c of the name/brand. That kind of thinking will be/is their undoing. People are fans of TES b/c of what these singleplayer games offer that MMOs in no way can.
I just want privatized Co-operative play, even with drop-in drop-out connection style.
ESO is just another rock in a wall of a new type of MMO..everyone is throwing their hat in. Let'em do it...lord knows Warcraft has sat on the King's throne for too long now and everyone else has copied their success for way too long. We need to refresh the MMO bag...cuz it smells funny now.

Think of it this way: Its coming from a game you know to have a history of making a great delievery. I think that's better than trusting a complete stranger.
ESO has been in development for like what 5 years now? many people who played oblivion or skyrim really wished that a game like that would be online and now it will be, I will enjoy it alot when it comes out, because no matter how many hundreds of hours you put into skyrim, when the game is done, its done there isn't much to do even with all the dlc, but with an MMO there will always be what to do, specially at endgame, plus all the players interactions will be fun too.
At least thats my opinion.
I wonder how ESO will turn out... as interesting multiplayer in ESO will be, it feels like it will turn out similar to WoW.. Your role as a "hero" doesn't become unique because everyone will be running around it also..

TES has always been well known for RPing and making a player feel "unique" to the story and history of the game. The only way I think it can really succeed WoW would be to provide certain gameplay elements that can still make individual characters feel unique..
Dont worry, Beth will make TES 6 and we can play like we want. Im pretty sure ESO wont be such a huge success as the singleplayerparts. Too big world to fill it out..
I'm interested to see what they do. I can't help but think of walking peacefully through Skyrim, exploring, enjoying the beautiful view and the tranquil passage of the mammoths, only to have some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ tearing through spamming the jump key and yelling while murdering said tranquil mammoths with his level 150 mace of mammoth smiting. It could affect the mood of the game, is all I'm saying.
its co-op everyone has a different world only pvp is every one fighting
you can play it single player if you want and not invite people to your game
What is a TES game without moding and modding community? And I seriously doubt there will be modding allowed in TESO...anyhow, I'll probably buy it (because I know I will, I always do, I'm dumb like that) I will play it for a month like mad and then forget all about it, just like with any other of the MMOs I've ever tried...

After all...there can only be one Dovahkiin or only one Nerevarine or only one Hero of Oblivion in a generation, how is it even possible to justify having running thousands of them on one server? ;)

Massively Singleplayer Offline RPG...
Elder Scrolls Online is an interesting discussion.

Why did they decide on making an mmo.
Its a large player base and that means more money, they wanted to attract the elder scroll players and mmo players, the game I believe was supposed to have a subscription fee which I find is a disgrace because I like many other players never paided for a subsciption for a elder scrolls game before and don't plan on ever paying for one now.

What now.
The game is to be on consoles as well as pc and mac, meaning ps4 and xbox one will also being able to play the ESO mmo but will be on there own servers. I believe the good people at play station will not allow a subscription fee, and that is a standard which has been set, so elder scrolls online has to be a buy to play game with no subscription fee like every other buy to play game avaible on a ps system, ESO will probably have dlc's to purchase to replace the need of a subscription and make extra money in doing so.

What about world of warcraft, its a very successful game with lots of subs.
The mmo known as WoW is not as big as people think, yes sure it has a lot of subs but that is global total, one which seems to be dropping. WoW servers are broken up to three regions, US, EU and China, no player can cross region, so players from one region cannot interact with players of another, US and EU players have a different pay scheme to those playing on china servers, and players on china servers don't pay for expansions, where those players on US and EU servers do.

The expansion Mists of Pandaria sold 2.7 million units all regions except china, now that 2.7 million will be split between US and EU servers. This 2.7 million managed to bring the sub global total up to 10 million players which now includes players on the china servers, please note that is old news and that wow's subs dropped by 1.3 million on the last quarter and will probably continue to drop. The mmo guild wars 2 has sold 3 million units and has most likely delt a nasty blow to the wow subs, can arena net with its guild wars 2 do any more damage to world of warcraft, well I remember reading something about guild wars 2 china beta servers, I think arena net has plans to destroy world of warcraft and there probably be quite successful.

What about elder scrolls online.
I believe it will have its own success, think of it as its own type of mmo and not like the two mentioned above, them two are in there own league and let them battle it out. Elder scrolls online looks good, graphics look very nice, and it will have elder scrolls lore, I am looking forward to its release, but I am hoping its not halve as bugged as previous elder scrolls games and that they do fix bugs, I'm also hoping they can balance the game because skyrim sure isn't balanced. No mods I can handle that as long as the people behind the game can keep everything in control and make improvements to gameplay.

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