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New Skyrim ENB Crossfire menu yellow flicker FIX!!!
Ok so after having finally decided to mod skyrim last month seeing as how the game is officially complete and will not be patched anymore. I found out to my dismay that ENB and Crossfire just don't get along.

There are 2 known fixes to this after having searched for weeks:
1) use either fear.exe or acb?.exe (or something like that) crossfire profile for TESV
2) rename TESV.exe to oblivion.exe and with SKSE installed you have a skse.ini file that points SKSE to oblivion.exe. Fix 2 only works with 5000 series crossfired and back because 5000 series has an oblivion.exe profile. This profile is missing in 6000 series+.

This makes DOF work without blurring screen or white strobe flicker bugs. So whats the problem? You get a YELLOW FLICKER in the main menu, quest log, and local maps. To counter this I installed this mod from the nexus that makes the backgrounds of these menus black. Lame huh?

I was not satisfied with those fixes. So then I started playing around with the hundreds of crossfire profiles and then I remembered that when Guild Wars 2 beta and official release first came out they also had screen flickering. It was fixed for those games. So then I thought meh what do I have to lose? So I set TESV to use GW2*.exe profile and ... SUCCESS_KID.jpg!!!!111!!!

Not only does running Skyrim with GW2*.exe fix the annoying yellow menu screen flicker fear.exe/acb?.exe/oblivion.exe cause, but ENB works flawlessly, and most importantly the game does not suffer from any FPS drops, in fact I think it runs a little better though that might be a placebo effect. I saw no drop in framerate. Go on ahead, give it a try.

Using RealVision ENB found on skyrim nexusmods
Running AMD catalyst 13.4 WHQL with 13.5 CAP 1 profiles
2 Sapphire Radeon HD 6970s

using GW2*.exe profile is nearly flawless it would seem, and I've been experimenting with other games i know for a fact had flickering issues but were later resolved in later catalyst releases and came up with the following results.

GW2*.exe profile: near flawless with all ENB settings enabled including DoF. Water may flicker.
Crysis 3.exe profile: near flawless but when entering menu or quest journal colors get inverted.
BioShockInfinite.exe profile (for some reason listed as "White List App" in catalyst): flawless for the most part, still testing it.
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It seems not to work for my system... (XfX 7970 Ghz crossfire). I have around the 70-120 fps in crossfire with the normal profile (but with the blurry bug), around the 50-70 fps with crossfire disabled and around the 20-40 fps with crossfire and the GW2 profile.... My 2nd GPU goes to a 100% activity and is getting overheated.. NONE of the 'fixxes' I've found so far seem to work...
I've also tested other profiles and they dont work..
Ok I fixxed it myself. I am using Sharpshooters Version 3. With crossfire enabled I have a blurry screen and with your 'fix' I get huge fps drops. But this is what I did, and it worked for me. In the Skyrim folder there is a file named: enbeffectprepass.fx open it (with WordPad) and find the line: #define USE_SMOOTH_DOF 1
Now add ' // ' infront of this line like this: //#define USE_SMOOTH_DOF 1
And you're done :) The blurr is gone and the DoF works fine + no fps drops for me 70-120 fps. :)
o i forgot about this... I just bought 2 GTX 760's to replace my AMD 6970s. I got a 10-20% performance increase from the upgrade and ENB works flawlessly.
Just a quick question how did you change the profiles? Did you use Radeon Pro or do it in CCC? I have never changed out prfiles before and google is being less than helpful. Thanks in advance.
Its all done in CCC.
so ill just have to downgrade to that version and the CAP comes with that driver version of CCC?
no any version of CCC will do, and actually after some experimentation the profiles i mentioned work, but if you mod the game too much you cause gpu's to work at 100%, and you don't want that, it will cause lag/microstutter and increase in gpu temps. Some of the profiles i mentioned make the game run at 100% even without modding.

I recommend sticking with fear.exe since its it won't make your gpu's work their ♥♥♥ off if you keep modding to a minimum (i was running 20 mods, some of which were texture replacements, or added textures), GW2 if you run 20 mods and don't mind flickering water. That may be fixed now seeing as how they keep updating profiles.

I have sinced switched to 2 GTX 760's since this post. They are about 5-6% more powerful than the R6970's, and are cheap.
my real question is then did you just rename TESV.exe to GW2*.exe to change the profile because you cannot change CAP profile in the latest driver version of CCC. Thats what im really trying to get at.
as of version 13 they merged CAP's into the drivers, so yea there are no more CAP releases. You can still assign profiles to other games.
No you don't rename TesV to GW2.
Everything is done in the drivers. I still have a rig with the 6970's in them, i will take a look at the CCC later on and see if i can write down instructions for you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you! ^^

This seems to have fixed all the issues I was having with ENBs, I just had some issues finding where I changed the CCC profile in the latest 13.12 drivers.

Needs to be in Advanced view to get to the right settings.
3D Application Settings, in the Gaming tab, select +Add and navigate to your TesV.exe file and load it.
After that you need to scroll all the way to the bottom and change the AMD CrossFireX Mode from Default to "Use AMD pre-defined profile"
Then you can select and load the Gw2*.exe profile from there. :)
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Worked for me too!!!! >end thread
Thanks pierries. Sorry EO, been busy irl I forgot I was going to write out instructions for you.
Glad it worked out for all of you in the end.
Does GW2 still cause flickering water though?
Ya the fix works and I do have some flickering water like in the river right outside whiterun. Especially next to waterfalls but it isnt that bad.
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