The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
no dragons or Dragon soula
i reloaded Skyrim im up to 58 lvl and i cant do any thing that has Dragons Quest ? .
some ather Quest keep dropping after i leave to do thing for that Quest ??.i all so have no Shout.. Plz Help.
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Guess u didn't do the very 1st quest from the Yarl from Whiterun where u get u'r 1st dragonbones. U get ur 1st shout in Bleakfolls barrow out of Riverwood. How could u get to lvl 58 an not do that?
he can do it because Skyrim is a sandbox game with no order to it
you need to do the main questline in order to kill dragons and be able to shout you kill a dragon you get a dragon soul you spend that soul on a dragon shout. go to Bleakfalls barrow and get the dragonstone for the jarl of Whiterun plus pick up the first word to unrelenting force, do not forget to get the golden claw from the guy caught up in the spider web
i did do that Quest thare naver was a Dragon thare and i naver gate any more Quest from Whiterun.

okay, let's talk load order-open your Skyrim data files and tell me what you see and start at the top-please.
you escape helgen, you talk to gerdur or the blacksmith depends on who you escape helgen, you get quest to tell jarl of whiterun about the dragon attack on helgen, he thanls and gives you a piece of armor and tells you to talk to his court wizard faragar or however it is spelled. he will send you to Bleakfalls barrow to get the dragonstone for him - you go to bleakfalls barrow and get the dragonstone, plus the golden claw plus learn the first word of unrelenting force-you go back to Whiterun and give the dragonstone to the court wizard not the jarl but after you hand over the dragonstone the jarls housecarl will come running in and tell the wizard about a dragon attacking the watch tower-all three of you's will go upstairs to see the jarl -the jarl will thank you again tell you you can buy a house in whiterun but first he asks you to help kill the dragon -go to watch tower kill dragon absorb the dragon soul then go into your shouts click on unrelenting force then shout.
1.. magic duel 2 .humen drop 3. ganoe 1 4. ganoe 2 5. snemk thife 6.way of the monk 7. more stables of Death 9.skyrim inproved magic Armors 11.blood pool 12.enhamd blood 13.rid vamp 14.necromacy 2 children and more
i did that bit no Dragon show up . no one was thare bit the men how all thare no Dragon
sorry missspelled the men how was thare ware the same one how thare all the time no more than the umm 4 or 5 men
i kno that wan skyrim i was not litting me gate on the sit . i delited it all to gate on to skyrim sit . i reload it in and start player a gen
i think i know what your problem is-- when you went to the watch tower to kill the dragon did you run INTO the tower or did you just show up at the tower. you needto run into the tower to start the dragon attack--go try that and i bet you a hamburger it works
ok i try that ty can i add u to my friends list if i kno how to do that
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