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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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A little help, black-briar meadery
My issue is that when i enter black-briar meadery the floor and walls dont show up. I fall a short distance then spawn at the door. This is my first playthrough with SKSE working. I have reinstalled and it did nothing.

Here is a full list of active mods: skyre, dragon souls for perk points, modern crossbow, ohnovakiin, skyforge weapons,bandolier- bags and pouches, unread books glow, multiple followers lite, better follower improvements, horses for folowers, faster vanilla horses, follower map markers, random alt start, skyrim community college, better training, skyui, complete skyforge, potato arrows, wearable lanterns, fall of the space core.

I also have but am not using decomposition, smeltdown, invested magic.

I have screen shots of this but dont know how to post them.

I will be thankfull for any help. thank you.
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You could try downloading BOSS to check if your load order is correct. It looks like a mod issue.
im trying to work with boss but given my lack of moding exp. im not shure what changes to make. i need to "clean" somethings and will work with guides to help me. i do need to know if there is anything elts i need (other than boss that is) to improve my game? Any other usefull programs?
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It's one of two things, a dirty mod has moved/removed the building or the file simply got corrupted. I used to use "The King of Riverhelm" but found it borked up Solitude near the bards college for example. Don't forget to ues TES5 to clean your files if you do an integrity check... also don't forget to leave the Skyrim main file and unoffical patches out of your cleaning.
I have used tes5 edit to clean my files. No good. :(
I love playing skyrim. I have 756 hours into it, i would like to see 999 hours but this issue is stopping me from doing the thieves guild quests. I do thank you two for trying and any more ideas are appreciated. I do feel that i have learned more about mods and how they work but im not done till this is fixed.
I had the EXACT same problem. There are two entrances to Black Briar Meadery. Go outside Riften and enter the meadery from its dock entrance. The building should load correctly. Save and you can continue on normally now. Must be a quest trigger thingy.. I removed all my mods one by one and it still flubbed until I tried the back door. /shrug
thank you so much! between my first post and this one i had become distracted by two other games, but i will try this.
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