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Crasinhg and freezing/locking up problems.
I have noticed that when I'm in game and its day time I have huge in game problems during the day time game hours. However, after dark, when it day time over cast or I up in the mountian and no clear skys I almost NEVER lock up. The problem has gotten so bad in the past that I would take only a single step and the game froze up. The only way I have found a temperary solution to this is to Fast Travel to a new location. Believe me when I say it a relief to have rain and clouds in the game, during the "day time" gaming hours... Is there some way some of you game wiz-kids can do something about this? Please. I live on a small monthly disability check. So upgrading is a real problem for me. Intreesting foot note here. I have the same problem on the newer Fall Out games as well. So if you can fix this problem maybe you could o something about that aswell.
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Same problem on both games? Then it's likely not a mod problem.

Have you tried playing at lower settings?
List your mods please
Hailey původně napsal:
List your mods please
Always a good place to start, but if it's effecting both Fallout and Skyrim, I wouldn't put lots of suspicion on it ^^

Still, never hurts to be thorough :D.

Also, OP, have you modified your ini settings for either/both games at all? Or done any other alterations?
Computer specs too. Thank you.
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If it's just when it's sunny (i.e. giant lightsource with visibility to huge parts of the map), an obvious first thing to try is to disable anything related to shadows.
Bob360 původně napsal:
No offense Adura, but he/she is here now, so let's see if we can isolate the Skyrim problem, and perhaps solve the Fallout one as well. ;)

None taken, I was just trying to make the point that if it's happening to BOTH games in exactly the same way, it's probably not caused by mods.

Instead, I'd suspect something to do with specs, or perhaps how the graphics card is rendering things involving light.

Sentient_Toaster is probably close to the answer with his suggestion ^^.

Unfortunately, my knowledge in the area of graphics cards and such things is limited ; ;.

Anyway, onward with the troubleshooting! :D (Awaiting OP's reply.)
WOW thsnkd folks. I thought I'd be lucky to get a couple of answers but hey this is like over the top for what I'd expected TYVM. I'm in pain 24/7 and take several pills all the time just to make it through the day. Hope I can answer the questions to your satifaction.
I bought the lastest version of SKYRIM which has the lastest up dates ect... for the program on it. Out of that I only got the main program and Hearthfire working. I had bought and downloaded Hearthfire when it was first released. I did not found out how to download the other 2 or 3 newer programs from the C-D.
So its the newest release of the basic program and hearthfire's package. Then I had the following programs that I found to now be unsubscribed all at the same time the other day. "AV's Just Lockpicks," "Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger," "Reverse Crafting" and Heartfire's "Laintar Dale" I do Not know why these four were turned off. Maybe the modders are reworking them. What I'm still using is "Craftable Gold" and the new "Soul Trapping Ward/Gylph Spell." Thats about it. I learned the hard way to keep the mods I download small. I don't think any of those would cause any problems. The main problem seems to be the newer physic's program they added on to this and the fallout programs. When the Sun is up and going during the time the game shows to be daylight is when I have with locking up problems. I wish some one could turn the graphics for that and just run it the way it was working before they got fancy with the new daytime additions. I have also noticed that I very close to running water and its day time I have more trouble locking up. Also when I walking I have fewer lock up. But when I'm running it will always lock up during the "day time." I think they should have included some kind of down tunning graphics buttion or what ever you want to call it. But they chose not to do so. So maybe the Modders can do something about it. As one game reviewer said. The more you play the newer Fallout and SkyRim. The worse the locking up/freezing up problem gets. I think it has something to do with the way they compress the games passage of time. I don't know if decompressing the games time elements might do any good or not. I admit that I know nothing about programing in any way. My ideas and/or suggestions may not have any relationship to what needs to be done. I expressing things as I see them via logical thinking. If something is moving to fast and causing problems then slow it down and maybe thatwill help.
It will be a little while before I can get the tech spec's on my computer.
I can say I have turned OFF or tuned down All the game setting to the lowest possible setting. I believe I'm running on 4 GB of RAM. My son says I do not need to have everything running as low as I have it set for.
I'm sorry but I can not address everyone who has said some thing in reply to my. I would be doing only that for a very long time.
Ok, I have been up over 38 hours and my mind is lossing its edge so I better close for now.
The problem is the MED's dull the pain, but also mess up my sleeping time.
So whatevver time it might be for someone else its finally night, night, time for me.
Later guys.
The gaming is just about the only escape I have from hurting..
JesseC původně napsal:
The gaming is just about the only escape I have from hurting..

I can't help but jump in on this point. I'm in the same boat as you, permanent disability and intractible pain, etc. There is a very real analgesic effect from playing video games and I've spoken to many others on this subject over the years. At first, doctors laughed but now that legitimate research is being published, they ain't laughin' no more.

These games, especially the totally immersive RPGs have a wonderful ability to distract us from our pain. The community of elder gamers is growing at a fast rate because of it. Well, the boomers having tons of free time could be a factor too but you know what I mean.

I hope you get things fixed up so you can get back in there quickly!
This diurnal behavior sounds to me like a power line voltage issue. The computer power supply could be on the edge during the day and causing memory or hard disk problems.
On the track of Adura's -

What is your Powersupply Watts?
What graphics card do you have?

The one thing you stated is 'day time' is the issue - which could/would suggest graphics because "day" time has higher graphics needs then 'night' time. More colors and such demand on the card.

Especially since this is happening on both games.

A FALLOUT MOD would not have a "cause/effect" with Skyrim and visa-versa.

All the issues he has stated are graphics related, where the games function better when the colors are toned down inside the game.
Hey TOP thanks for the heads up. nice To know that what we figured out was right all a long.
Let me say that my son built this thing for me after he grauated from TSTC computer Tech school. Plus he took all kind of courses in high school just to get him ready for the 'Puter tech stuff. I could not tell you all the details of what he put into it. I can give you what spec's I can. He says I should not be having the freeze up or lock up problems I have been having. That it's most likly the programs softwear that causing the problems. BTW When I'm talking about day time I mean game day time not real world day time. I'm a day sleeper and play during real world night time.
Oh BTW, The Fall out programs I am playing have no mods added to them. I run them as they came out of the box.
Ok, the Info I can find out about my system is as follows.Windows xp 2002 with pack 3.
M-B, CPU is AMD, Athlon 64 processor @ 3700+ 2.21GHZ.
I can not see anything listed about my Vidio card. I think I may need a new one any way. But I don't know What kinda/type of vidio card would be best for my cpu, ect. I have been told that the power supply will handle anything I can throw at it. Any suggestion in that department would be really nice. but it has be reasonably priced.
BTW my son is working the night shift and I don't even get to talk with him anymore. He was kinda hopping you folks might have some ideas he could work with on this.
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