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Mod to remove Sexual Theme
I've been doing searches on google and even on the discussion boards for the last several days but couldn't find anything remotely close to what I'm looking for.

I want to first start of by saying that I don't want this to turn into a 10 page discussions of why I want to buy a mature game like Skyrim if want it to be less mature, I've read that in all the others posts when I was searching. Second I'm not looking for a Mod to turn Skyrim from a M rated game to E rated game, just a mod that would allow me to remove the sexual themes of the game.

I've played this game on my friends PC and loved every minute of it but I'm not a fan of some of the clothings for several of the female NPC's. Now I realize the amount of female NPC's that wear anything that would qualify as "sexual theme" is less than what I can count on my fingers I would still would appriecate being able to change their outfits into something more appropriate.

I know that there are female characters in the game that are going to show a little bit of clevage due to their outfits which I don't have a problem with as that is how it is in real life but for me anything that looks like something that my wife might wear in the bedroom and not in public is something I don't want to see in a game especially if either of my two daughters is watching me play the game.

If anyone has any mods that allows me to change the clothes of any NPC's (and not just companions) or remove/replace certain skins/clothes from the game would be appriecated!
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Could you show a screenshot of a female NPC whom you might think is too exposed?
Camper Strike (Banat) 5 iul., 2013 @ 0:17 
I'm just curious, what about blood and gore? Unless you mean watching people lose their heads (and other body parts) is OK but seeing something as natural as the human skin isn't.

About your request, you can open up CK and change the clothing for the NPCs yourself. I'm pretty sure there's no such mod out there.
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Raven- I don't have the game on my account yet as I played it on my friends but an example would be Nocture (sp?) close to the end of the thieves guild quest and the hunteress from the companion guild.

No Fun Allow - Again I've read all about blood and gore agrument. Seeing something natural as the human skin in like the hands, face, legs, & etc is one thing but having a character partial nude is another thing. I'm not here to start a discussion on morals as there are ten thousands of those posts everywhere.

What is CK and is this something that comes with Skyrim through steam?
Camper Strike (Banat) 5 iul., 2013 @ 0:40 
Postat inițial de |CoR| Sgt-Ricey*GI*:
No Fun Allow - Again I've read all about blood and gore agrument. Seeing something natural as the human skin in like the hands, face, legs, & etc is one thing but having a character partial nude is another thing. I'm not here to start a discussion on morals as there are ten thousands of those posts everywhere.

What is CK and is this something that comes with Skyrim through steam?

I'm not here to argue. Pointless. You have your beliefs and I have mine. I just find it a little odd, considering there is no explicit sexual themes in Skyrim. FYI the skimpy clothing shown on the screenshot section are not in the game. All of them are modded. As far I know, there are no skimpy clothing in the game. The Nocturnal clothing you're talking about is not in the game.

EDIT: Oh... and if the issue is the sexual theme, you might want to avoid a few books in the game, as well as a few specific quests.
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I realize that the screenshots posted on that board are obviously from mods in the game hence why in my original post there is less than a handful of NPC's in the game that I would even consider to fall under the "sexual theme".

I'm just curious if there is any mods out that allow you to change the skin/clothes of a non-companion NPC's as I know you can for companion NPC's.

Also unless I'm remembers the thieves quest completely wrong as it's been about a year since I last did that quest line but Nocturnal was indeed wearing that outfit in the game.
Camper Strike (Banat) 5 iul., 2013 @ 1:01 
Oh, right.

Well, there is only one instance where Nocturnal appears physically, and that's at the very end of the quest, at least IIRC. Unless you mean the statues also bother you.

You could always ask a modder to retexture Nocturnal's outfit for you, but it's kinda pointless, as she only appears for a few brief seconds.

Also... the Forsworn clothing is a 'tribal' kind of outfit which could be considered skimpy, I guess. You can use CK to change anything you want, NPC outfits included (though, that'd be a painful process as you'd have to change the outfit of every single NPC).
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I'm not aware of any "overly" exposed female npc in unmodded skyrim....Maybe Nocturnal but you only see her once and that's it. I really can't think of anything that looks offensive in the original game's content....what in the world did you find?
No the statues don't bother me at all.

If a retexture is something that is all it would take that would work for me. I'm just looking for something that would simply as you put it retexture a few NPC's and I would we a happy camper.

Honestly if there is a retexture mod that retexture Nocturnal, the huntress (from the companion guild), and the few I guess low cut ragged servant (I commonly found in taverns) outfits that is all I'm looking for.

Also are there other mods besides the ones listed on steams workbench?

Side note - I'm not trying to compare the rest of the NPC's to Nocturnal, I understand that is the only overly exposed NPC in the game and I put her in a seperate category from the rest. It's not that the rest of the NPC's are offensive it's just that I prefer some of them to be less revealing compared to others (excluding Nocturnal aside).
Editat ultima dată de NinjaRicey; 5 iul., 2013 @ 1:22
Honestly...I don't think one at all. Aside from you, I dont think anyone has ever said anything about the "revealing" look of Nocturnal or could try to make it yourself I guess....but you're going out into the unknown on that one.
Ghost 5 iul., 2013 @ 2:51 
There are lots of different websites to check for mods - the best one for skyrim being
Skyrim Nexus - just type it in google or something.
As stated previously, you only see Nocturnal for a few seconds, there are loads of mods for Aela (one of which gives her, and the rest of the Companions, Wolf Armor), but you are not likely to find anything that changes the tavern clothes for (in your case) the better.
I would play the console versions if you want a toned down game. There is little or no demand to take any adult mods off.
You can change the clothes of specific NPCs with the Construction Kit. I tell you how:
1. Get the Names of the NPCs, write them down;
2. Get the Constuction Kit. You find it at your Library-> All games -> Tools-> Creation Kit;
3. Install and open it. Any errors can be ignored. If your kit crashes, just ask.
4. Once open click on File and Data..., check Skyrim.esm by doubbleclicking it and click on "Set as Active File". Confirm and wait until CK has finished Loading the files. Any errors can be ignored again, crash: ask. Once loaded, save your plugin call it "MyChanges" or something you like. You will get a new .esp which will not change the .esm itself. SAVE OFTEN!
5. You will see 3 Windows now: Object Window, Render Window and Cell view. Only the Object Window is needed.
6. Go on "Actors"->"Actor"->"Actor". You need to search your NPCs now. Aela is located in "NordRace"-> "Female"
7. Once found doubleclick on the NPCs Name, in Aelas case "AelaTheHutress". You see the Actor Window now. Therr are subtopics like "Traits", "Stats" as well as "Inventory". Click on "Inventory". You will see "Default Outfit" and "Outfit Objects". Change the default Outfit from "DraugrArmorForNonDraugrNoHelmet" to (for example) "ArmorCompanionsOutfitNoHelmet".
The "Outfit Objects" will change itself to the new Armor. Simply click OK.
8. Repeat step 7. for any NPC you want to change. All NPCs are located in the Actors Section. I dont know how to change the random encounter NPCs like Forsworn. Maybe you just need to find a corresponding character, dont know.
9. Once you finished all your changes, save your file.
10. Enable your mod via your Launcher-> Data Files.

Any Questions? Just ask! We will try to help you.
Or just buy the console version if you have one to save time.
Stop killing NPCs and taking their clothes off.
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