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DrLOLSPY Jul 4, 2013 @ 3:38pm
Skyrim Mod to help complete main story
so i have own Skyrim for a LONG time, and the problem i have is, i never managed to complete the main story, due to the fact that i wander off too much.
so im wondering, is there a mod that takes away all side quests, or tells guides you to the main story only quests
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You just highlight the main quests in your quests menu, and un-check all side quests, done.
Jogon Jul 4, 2013 @ 4:16pm 
As Dan points out. Only leave the main quest highlighted (with an arrow). Disregard the rest until you have finished the quest you want to complete. Having too many quests active is a nuisance at the best of times.
Y'know what guys, thinking about it...I think OP is on to something.

As Sky UI has transformed the interface, it did not seem to transform the crap ESC menu/ Quests interface. At the best of times, I have to decypher it every time I visit the menu, It's layout is a little PAP.

I think what we would like to see, is a Sky UI 5 where by the actual Quests are laid out a lot better, easier to sort through. It is really messy at the moment and hard to keep track of anything. There is no explanation what so ever on what each quest is about.

Just a simple idiots' version (hmmm...) Go do this....that's it, nothing more on who started that quest, or why, no explanation to recap on what you did to start that quest or anything, just:
'Go kill that person'.

er....What the hell did I do to start that quest?...Where's the one I'm looking for off
such-and- such? I can't remember....

But, meh...all we got for now is to rely on our own attempt to make sense of the menu and try to keep up with the log.

In Morrowind, you had a log that was really detailled. Most games I used to play, actually had a notes section, where you could actually type notes into a log and save it's progress throughout your game!...Now, it seems more and more like the interface is designed for X's and triangles, A's and B's...Hmmmmm, I wonder why ~.~
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NeinLivesThief Jul 4, 2013 @ 7:48pm 
in Morrowwind you had a journal with incredibly vague entries and the assumption that you know west from east. and I don't remember a notes section in that book. I remember a lot of vague hinting in that journal with roughly a paragraph of info...Rasabi wants to steal a diamond from House Huaala. I mean, how is that detailed? Name, objective, location.
<Facepalms> I didn't mention a note section in Morrowind. Just have a quick check again at my's ok, I forgive you....

And all you need is a brief explanation of the in Morrowind.........
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