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King Tut 27 Jun, 2013 às 17:07
Skyrim Graphics Glitches, Skipping, or Stutters
Does anyone have graphic glitches? My game stutters and skips. I started a new character recently and the opening scene in Helgen was very glitchy. In the tower before you jump to the inn, the dragon opned his mouth and no fire came out. Characters (including mine) keep skipping movements. Exmaple, instead of a smooth transition looking right to left, it will jump without the showing movement. These glithces are persistent in the whole game now, not just the opening area.

My FPS drops suddenly when these skips happen. My PC is a rockstar; $4000 Alienware rig with 680s in SLI. It's not the hardware. Drivers are current. I didn't have any problem until recently (about two months ago or so).

Also sometimes the sound doesn't match what is happening or it just stops altogether. Did Skyrim get messed up with the last patch?

Please help! The graphic problems are really distracting!
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Frankie-Z- 27 Jun, 2013 às 18:43 
try the memeory tweak
You need 3 gigs or more sys ram.
gane will only recognise 4 gigs though and it will make out at like 2.5 gigs

Documents\My Games\Skyrim

under the [Papyrus] either edit or add this line to the ini

edit it to 2147483647
don't go over that number it's the max amount Skyrim will recognise



Also if you're running the game in 1080p you don't need anti aliasing it's not going to do much if anything so you can turn off anti aliasing as well and see if that helps

(Note: the Nvida control panel can over ride the game settings so you have to check your Nvida control panel 3dgames settings and make sure you're not over riding the game settings)

if it's still bad
SLI is Nvid ..Nvida drivers include Ambient occlusion
go to the control panel and disable Ambient occlusion and see what happens also

Then go to the Nvidia Geforce experience page and download the latest SLI config file for skyrim and try that along with the Geforce experience auto optimizer.
Do not add any mods until you get the vanila game running right

Ther;s nothing wrong with you're rig.. Skyrim is a 32x program it has problems using memeory and reading from HD not to mention wonky DX9 features ..

If you try to use tesselation it will slow things down but do nothing ..
Ambient occlusion is tacked on in post prosseing and slows things down also but it makes the shadows look a little nicer in the dark corners and where models and landscape intersect
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Scram 27 Jun, 2013 às 19:32 
I had this pretty bad too, but I had tons of mods. I unsubscribed to all mods, uninstalled and reinstalled, now the game runs like butter again.

I also found a few fps limiters and stutter fixes on Skyrim Nexus, if you don't want to uninstall and remove all your mods you could try there.
King Tut 16 Mar, 2014 às 23:53 
Problem Solved:

Put this in your Skyrim.ini file under GENERAL:


It's the ONLY way to fix the stutter. Cheers!
GABBINROTH!!!!! 19 Set, 2014 às 21:21 
im not having stuttering issue, but i have been having graphical issues. i have even gone through the lengths of reformatting my computer and doing a FRESH load running game with ZERO mods, have done the validation and reinstall process. and i know it isn't my HARDWARE, Dual 780ti matrix editions, and much more supporting HW, i have rolled back drivers, i have done the beta drivers, and i haven't really found anything stating that it is the game. as when i validate game cache one file fails to validate and it only seems to do it on skyrim, and skyrim is the only game that it does this on, ..... game eventually crashes and is un playable
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