The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Kruegger 2013年6月26日上午2:05
Problem with voices in Skyrim
Hi I have a problem with Skyrim, to download it to my PC again, but I do not appear Spanish voices, texts and subtitles if they are Spanish, I tried to change language to English and then in Spanish from the Steam menu but nothing, did you help put everything correctly in Spanish? Thanks and sorry my poor English.
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Fronto 2013年6月26日上午2:22 
If you mean you right click in the library and in properties changed the language that shoud do it. Make sure it's set to auto update in there as well.

It may need time to update remember.
最后由 Fronto 编辑于; 2013年6月26日上午2:22
Kruegger 2013年6月26日上午3:05 
I have found that it is a problem exclusively of DLC's in this case Dawnguard, because when I go to the outside world the NPC's speak Spanish and the NPC's of Dawnguards speak English, I tried to delete the DLC's in the folder and download again and nothing, in English ... Any help please?
Fronto 2013年6月26日上午3:26 
I don't know mate. I'm not sure if all the expansion packs have full launguage audio.

I did find this:

I'd hunt around google if that doesn't help you.
Kruegger 2013年6月26日上午3:44 
The strange thing is that it was after reinstalling Skyrim, I played in Spanish without touching anything, when formated the PC, I installed windows 7 (before playing in Vista) I reinstalled Skyrim I found this problem .... I do not understand anything, anyway thank you very much for the help
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