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Legendary skills
can someone explain what happens if you make a skill legendary? the screen says it's reset to 15 and the perks points are returned. So why would anyone go to the trouble to get the skill to 100 in the first place if it's gonna be reset?
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dunno if there is another reason but its because you can get higher levels ... for example you are warrior and you have all warrior skills on 100 and you are not willing to use magic or pickpocketing or whatever, so you are basically stucked in your level ... this way you will get more levels
so when it resets, the perks you already have stay in place and you get the points back and can start leveling from fifteen again but it's really 115?
no as far as i know, it will return perks back and reset skill to 15 ... so it seems like you get some nice perk boost + every time you achieve new level which will be very often considering only level 15 on skill you gain another perk ... but it seems weird ... best if you try it out :)
i think i'll just leave it at 100 spent too much time to get them where i want them to reset.
well if you are warrior lets say and you spend most of time running through dungeons, and killing dragons, you will earn one-handed back to 100 easily :) but your choice
fran25 2013年6月23日 21時34分 
If you are 100 in everything the highest level you can acheive is 81. This change was made to reset the skill in the last patch so you can go over 81. Since there are way over 81 skills it also allows you to increase the skills past 81 and make your player better. It is for that purpose nothing more. Some I would be careful of it you have One Handed and Two Handed for example up to 100 only go legendary in one since it will take a long time to build the skills up again.

Smithing is one of the easiest to increase. Enchanting I've found one of the toughest.

And no you are not really 115 you are level 15 again in that skill and you will fight like it. seems like a hassle, but i have enchanting at 100 and destruction at 100 so i am not gonna reset them as legendary. i might try another skill if it get's that high, but the next one i'm trying to max is smithing and i'm not gonna reset that one either, so it seems like i won't be making any skills legendary until i can see a real benefit besides just making character leveling easier and cheaper again.
fran25 2013年6月23日 21時45分 
Almost any court mage can teach you the Destruction the college in Winterhold can train you to 90 if you have enoug gold. There is another path called the Gifts of Akatosh which will put all your skills back to 17 I think (The Stone) but in the chest are Weapons and Armor as well as a ring where you can cast spells at no points that would help you it also includes every spell and an amulet that will increase your skills.

This was made well before Bethasda made the legendary cap and it still works. You keep all your perks and can get new ones making it easier to advance.

Beware the Armor and Weapons can defeat any monster even on legendary so you want to make sure you want to take this path before you go down it.

Some people love it some people hate it.
Jogon 2013年6月24日 2時57分 
Do not forget you can use the reclaimed perks on other skills if you want to. Or just store them until you start getting to required levels on lower skills.
true Archery is one of the hardest. Smithing you could raise again and also pickpocketing. Your only bet for Archery is to be trained a lot by Aela to recover your past glory.

I always train a lot in alchemy the there is someone in Dragon Bridge is you are using a mod that will train you to 100 never made a potion but went legendary in it. LOL. Start your training in Whiterun of course you can go to 75 there.

I think I read that you would need to be a level 451 to have all the perks.
最近の変更はfran25が行いました; 2013年6月24日 5時07分
level 451 ... lol, tanky as hell
A friend of mine said if you go past level 252 it will cause your game to have problems so you would have to set your level back to actually get all the perks like player.setlevel 150 and work your way back up to get the skills.
I actually doubt if anyone will ever play that long.
I reset my two handed and it was a nightmare. but it was fun leveling up, luckily I had stalhrim armor set to compensate for the low two handed damage
252 perks to fill all 18 skill trees, that would put you at level 252 with all skills filled
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