The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
ENB Sharpshooters.
im trying to figure out how to install it but i have no idea what im supposed to do. Dx someone please help. <:3
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First, I strongly recommend making a backup of your Skyrim folder, as ENBs can eventually become pains to uninstall. This also goes A LOT faster than the amount of text would indicate.
Download the latest "stock" ENB for Skyrim. Here's the link to it:
Alternatively, to keep using you personal hardware antialising, you could do what I did and download ENB v0.119.
Anyway, onto the installation process. Open the stock ENB file you got, open the folder called "WrapperVersion," and put the file called "d3d9" into you Skyrim DIRECTORY (as in your main Skyrim folder where all of your main folders, such as "Data," for example, are located). After that, you should have also noticed that there was a .zip file called "enbweather" before you opened the "WrapperVersion" folder. You should open this and place the "enbweather" file into your "Data" folder. That's all you have to do for this step if you got the stock ENB v0.119. If you got the newest one, open the folder "_sample_enbraindrops" in your "WrapperVersion" folder. In here, you will find new raindrop textures. These are not required, but you can use them if you wish. If you do choose to use one, it should go in your Skyrim directory as well. Extract the "enbseries" folder to your directory.
Now, after that, you're in business. Simply copy all the files and folders from your Sharpshooters ENB folder into your skyrim directory. The "Data" folders should automatically merge. You should now be able to play Skyrim with Sharpshooters ENB! Just make sure all the .esp files that came with the mod and the "enbweather.esp" file are also active. Also, if you got the latest version or any version after v0.119, make sure you turn off your antialiasing; I most often do this in the default Skyrim shortcut on my desktop. Also, if you're using the latest version of the stock ENB, make sure you make the appropriate changes to your SkyrimPrefs.ini, which can be found in: Documents->My Games->Skyrim.
These are just some things I've learned from having used ENBs for. . . Well, all of about two weeks. Yeah, I haven't had this rig long at all. My laptop got 20 FPS on the lowest settings XD. Anyway, continuing on, if you're having performance issues, disabling ambient occlusion can usually net you 15 FPS. To do this, open the "enbseries.ini" file in your Skyrim directory and set "EnableAmbientOcclusion=true" to "EnableAmbientOcclusion=false". This does not take much at all away from the visual quality; to be honest, I haven't even noticed its absence. This setting can be found under the "[EFFECT]" section. If you need a bit more in terms of FPS improvement, you can try the "enbseries.ini" file in the "Added performance and less neon looking grass at night, overwrite existing enbseries if you find you need this" folder. Just overwrite/delete the old one.
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