The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

crow.john37 2013年6月20日上午11:35
Skyrim Is Unplayable!!
That is it Skyrim is unplayable I have done everything I possably can and still not working I have all the update's and patches all my drivers are up to date and still skyrim is still crashing so I am totally done with the game total wast of money!!!!!!!
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Do you have any mods?
crow.john37 2013年6月20日下午12:41 
nope just the game
Fronto 2013年6月20日下午12:42 
What processor, card, and when does it crash; at the same time or random. Need more info to start to think bro'
crow.john37 2013年6月20日下午12:48 
I have what the game needs and then some I have 8gb ram i5 core and navedia geforce with updates the crashes are random and with all I have I still run the game on low setting so my laptop won't have to work hard at all.
Wimpy Dandelion 2013年6月20日下午12:55 
Have you tried to varify the game cache yet? Thats always a good idea to do before posting something about a game not working.
Fronto 2013年6月20日下午1:00 
There still may be a patern even though you say it's random. Perhaps it's crashing when auto saving. Try using the settings to dissable all auto saves and see if it works then; if so we have somwhere to start from.

Maybe it's crashing when it loads a certain thing in the game that's corrupt. Sounds unlikely but a clean install doesn't take too long.

If it truly is random crashing I'd be searching google for my CPU and GPU with 'skyrim crash' in the search. There's always someone had the issue first.

I hope i've given you a little start on getting it fixed friend. I'll look out for further posts in case I can say anything useful.
crow.john37 2013年6月20日下午1:01 
yes done that and no matter what I do there is 1 file that won't be varified I even fixed it I thought but it still keeps comming up and I know for a fact that the one file thats messed up will cause the game to crash
crow.john37 2013年6月20日下午1:05 
does your game crash? If not what did you do to fix the issues I have reinstaled the game 6 times rebooted my system and still the same thing
Glassmoon 2013年6月20日下午1:05 
do you have the hi res textures pack installed?
crow.john37 2013年6月20日下午1:07 
yes I do I have played it both ways and it makes no diff. it still crashes
Glassmoon 2013年6月20日下午1:09 
my game crashed a lot with the texture pack loaded. When i unchecked all the texture packs the game stopped crashing. I dont know your specs but try to lower the settings a bit and see if it gets better
Fronto 2013年6月20日下午1:10 
The only crashes I've had have been down to bad load order; I used BOSS to fix that. But before any of that I would try and get the vanilla game running, and I would guess you have tried that.

I say search Google with ''your specs and crash'' to see if you are not the first to suffer.
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Glassmoon 2013年6月20日下午1:10 
also, try to instal the unnoficial patches. You have the expansions or just the game? Theres one unnoficial patch for the game and each DLC.
Lil Dualies 2013年6月20日下午1:14 
May not work with our grafics card
crow.john37 2013年6月20日下午1:15 
I have done all of that I think it is that one file that is the cause I did a prosses of elimanation and still crashes
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