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I need inspiration for a worldspace mod, or maybe a house mod. Any ideas?
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Well, if I'm about to write a song of certain genre, but don't have actual idea what it's gonna be like, I go listen to the music I'm going to write and usually that works (like if I want to write uber badass thrash metal, I listen to Megadeth and Slayer etc.). So, why not try that, but with images? Go to google, and look for landscape or house images untill you get your inspiration :p
Have a look at what is already out there and try to list what you think is missing...then you can make a mod that gives what they do not...
Thx guys, I'll give it a shot
Look at your favourite stuff...and try to see what you think you could do to improve on your ideas down as you go!!!
I think I've got something now, wont be too long until it's published
Holy Creation kit! you a fast worker Batman!,,,,
I started working on a library mod . I just dont have the time..
it's just a idea and proboly will never work for skyrim but here it is..
you would have a steam group you subscribe to and the steam group would have a private mod. called the library mod. the mod itself would be public and anyone can download it .
once it's set up it would be private and have it's own group name.
inside the game the college of Winterhold would have a special section of books that would be updated whenever you triggered an achievement or ended a quest mission . your stats player name and maybe a screenshot would be saved to a book in the library . you would then upload your file to the steam group mods page and anyone who is subscribed will auto download your book . and you would download thiers when they do the same..

Also if that system worked you make an in game player hint mod that could add player hints much the same way Dark Souls lets you write chalk messages to other online players .. you wouldn't be able to do it real time but you could upload the updated mod to a steam group and everyone that is subscribed would get your hints and vice versa
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