The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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TheProwlingWhale 2013년 6월 16일 오후 5시 33분
Skyrim is not starting.
I just downloaded a bunch of mods. And now it wont get past the first logo. It just sorta goes to desktop and forgets about the whole thing.
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fran25 2013년 6월 16일 오후 5시 43분 
Why would you download more that one mod at a time. You obviously have two mods conflicting. Rule of thumb always download one mod at a time it may take longer but the problem will be easier to find.
Jormungand 2013년 6월 16일 오후 6시 26분 
really? i do that all the time and i dont get any problems
fran25 2013년 6월 16일 오후 6시 50분 
pike 2013년 6월 16일 오후 7시 04분 
gee fran25 , are you thinking about all the help topics that Anarchy30 starts ? does a day go by without Anarchy30 needing help ?
pike 2013년 6월 16일 오후 7시 08분 
download and run BOSS , READ THE INSTRUCTIONS , learn how to use it

download and run tesvedit , read the readme learn what it does and how you can use it to troubleshoot the game
fran25 2013년 6월 16일 오후 7시 13분 
I have 1300 hours now in Skyrim and I am still not tired of it. I sometimes forget that I probably thought you could download multiple mods at one time Pike with no chance of problems.

I have been taught by the many people on this board how to do things and how to do them. I think we need to cut this guy a little slack if he is new. One freind spent a few hours helping me set up SKSE.

There are many great people on this board and some that only want to cause problems. I think this problem came from a lack of experience more than someone wanting to cause problems.

Delete them all Mango and add them back one at a time. I have 54 mods and that is all I really want or need. My game runs super now and it is because of the many people who have taken the time to help me.

Including if I remember correctly you a couple of times pike. My advice is different than yours Pike but that is because he could have problems with Boss.
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