The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Quest broken?
I did the quest were you have to find the hunting party that is missing. It starts in FalKreath.
Didn't get credit for finding hunters. Was able to do everything but it is still in quest log as having to find them.
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There is only one of them left and you can find him if you look hard enough. The game does not give you the answer to every quest some you have to use your mind to solve.
You answered somebody else's post was about a quest I had done and didn't get credit for doing it.
I have the same problem, in more than one character in the game. just does not give experience for the completion.
Some quests have problems like this, you can reload a previous save and redo the quest which might get the quest log to update, or you can use commands to force quest completion which should fix the quest log problems.
Did you actually heal the wounded hunter and help him clear out the cave? Just finding him isn't enough...
cleared the cave, did everything. How do you complete the quest using commnds?
If you got Valdr's Lucky Dagger from him, do both of these:

setstage dunMossMotherQST 10
setstage dunMossMotherQST 20
you have to kill the werewolf- it sounds like you are on the daedric quest for savoirs hide
so, my quest is bugged as well. Valdr is back in Falkreath after I finished the cave, but the quest won't complete when I talk with him. Any suggestions?
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