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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Spicing up for new game.
I want to play more skyrim, but I want a challenge of sorts to make the next playthrough more interesting. Things that i felt were to easy was that money is to easy to get, so maybe a looting restriction (only 3 weapons in inventory, no armors, something like that).
The later weapon tiers are a bit to overpowered, so maybe a restriction like 'don't carry equipment higher then the steel tier'.
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How about only loot high value items? Make a minimum value to weight ratio of say 10:1, where an item has to be worth at least 10 gold for every unit of weight. That way you only take jewellery, potions, high value weapons and armour. Make an exemption for things you intend to use like ingredients for potions or smithing. As soon as a skill hits 100, you must immediately make it legendary, even if you use it all the time.

Play the whole game without sneaking.

Play the whole game as a magic user only.
I like that loot value idea. I kinda wanted to do some sneaking but restrict it a bit. Highest lvl sneaking almost literally makes you a ghost.

Maybe a magic hater, you have to kill any magic users you see and you try to resist your dragonborn heritage (you can't use spells or shouts).

I don't really get the whole legendary thing, can someone explain it?
thats how i´m playing: i only loot jewelery and also only the superior items. almost use the same weapons during the whole game, got a firy sword and a bow that sucks souls. and i also just changed my armor twice. i´m a stinky hero. :D i almost never use alchemy- decided my character hates it. makes finding potions more interesting. magic only in emergency situations i prefer the occasional shout. after hundreds of hours my character is pretty powerful-specially with the bow, so i try to never buy or craft arrows, finding and re-using them makes it more challenging.i even manage to run out of arrows sometimes.with a little stealth i can kill almost everything even bigger groups before the enemy even knows where it comes from- but in direct combat i´m relativly weak because i invested heavily in stamina.but my sword is always charged with soulgems,because of my bow and i got some nifty critical blows...yesterday i chopped off a head. :D
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If you want a REALLY challenging experience, get rid of all your other mods, try Requiem[] and start a new game.

Also, use Frostfall, Wet'n'Cold, SkyTEST (Real Animals and Predators) and Real Needs and Diseases with it.

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If you die make a new character.
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I don't really get the whole legendary thing, can someone explain it?

When you get a skill to 100, making it Legendary resets it to 15 and gives you the perks back. These are free perk slots which you can use elsewhere or as you level up. You also still get a new perk slot every level when you level up. As the skill is now 15, it levels up very quickly again. You can put the free perks back where you took them from or perk up a different skill tree.

If you have Alchemy, Smithing and Enchanting at 100 with all the useful perks, you can already make items of Smithing and Alchemy which give ferocious bonuses to your potions and weapons.

You can also make potions that give ferocious bonuses to your Smithing and Enchanting. Once you have a set of armour and weapons maxed out, you could probably go Legendary with Smithing and Enchanting with no ill effects. So, really, it's an easy way of getting higher than level 81.

With maxed out weapons and Armour, you could probably go legendary on those skills as well without being crippled in combat. And your skills will rise quickly again.

Requiem gives you the perks back, but does not reset to 15, so you don't get free levels easily.

Of course, you could just play as a Hunter with a bunch of Wilderness and Survival mods, travel around the wilderness and avoiding any quests. There's a good thread on the old Skyrim SPUF forums about playing a Hunter.

I have 130-odd mods that increase difficulty and add realism and immersion, but some of the best for the Wilderness are:

Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Skyrim Flora Overhaul
CP Apple Trees
alchemy guide
dD - Enhanced Blood Main
dD-No Screen Blood

Drinking Fountains of Skyrim

d_b Whetstone
Traps Make Noise
DartTrap harder

Leveled skyrim
dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic
justified knockbacks

Kevin's Deadly Poisons
Realistic poison
sell cure poison
Spider Terror

SoS - The Dungeons
SoS - The Wilds

Atlas Map Markers
Atlas Blackreach
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No fast travel.
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