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can anyone suggest a good way to get gold plz
Im trying to buy a house and i have very little gold, can anyone tell me a good way to get money
would appreciate it thanks!!!!!!!!!
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~` player.additem 0000000f 1-1000000 console command
Smith daggers (buy iron and leather) & enchant them (just buy petty gem souls) and sell them.
i tend to slaughter everythign and take all from corpses and sell to stores. done this to make 3.5m from lvl 1-80 without console command
Chop wood for the tavern in Whiterun or the mill owners husband in Riverwood. Find a bandit residence and kill them, sell the loot. If you want a safe place for a beginner to store loot then the Workshop mod Riverwood Camp is great. You get a free tent, bedroll and a SAFE chest to store your items. Instead of spending all your Septims on trying to buy Breezewood you can use the coinage to train in whatever skill you choose. As you level up you will find more valuable items so gold becomes easier to accumulate.
Without cheating?
Steal it.
Be a Thief and use the Mercantile perks.
Pick people's pockets and take their gold (be CAREFUL)
Pay a follower trainer for training and then ask to trade some stuff with them and steal the money back (may have been fixed by USKP)
Pay Arcadia for training then pick her pockets (also may have been fixed)
If you are a Thief with the Fence perk, you can sell stolen items.
Get the Bag of Holding mod so you can pick up everything you find in dungeons and then sell it.
Clean out lots of dungeons and then sell the stuff you don't want to keep.
Mine ore and then transmute iron into gold ore, smelt it and then make gold jewellery and sell it (levels your Alteration, Smithing and Speech)
Find a chopping block, spend several hours chopping wood until you can hardly move and then sell it.
Tell your follower to relax by a chopping block while you go off to the forge and make jewellery and when you come back they may have a huge bunch of wood you can sell (needs UFO?).
Travel around and steal all the leeks, wheat, potatoes and cabbages you can find and then visit farms and tell them you have produce to sell (varies by farm)
Do silly little step and fetch fed Ex quests for people and get paid for them.
Collect every alchemical reagent you can find and sell them to Arcadia, or, make potions, buy her reagents, then sell the potions and buy more reagents (levels Speech and Alchemy)

There are no end of ways to make money in Skyrim. It's far easier than in most CRPG games.
there needs to be a mod out there where other NPCs know your rich by comment to you about it
console command

press `

then type

player.additem f 10000
just loot anything specifically gold/silver jewelry cause those thing sell at high price, keep looting while playing and without know it you had much more money than you intended to be. profit!!!
There's a mod that increases the value of misc. items (plates, cups, etc.) and you can make some real easy money. Let me find it for you.
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~` player.additem 0000000f 1-1000000 console command
please no more comments like this i would rather not cheat
and thankyou for your help ppl :D
hear around town if someone needs some adventurer work done.
Skyrim also generates quests randomly, so there will always be some work.

Or go hunt some bandits.
the best way to get gold is to just play the game , search the caves, dungeons , chop wood , craft and sell items , dont be rushed , enjoy the game . travel around with out a quest in mind , one might just show up
I couldn’t be bothered to read the other suggestions so forgive me if I’m repeating anyone...

1. Do a few bounty missions collectable at nearest inn, they only pay 100 gold each, but looting the enemies you kill and the location itself can be an ok score.

2. If you can, enchant and smith any items you loot before selling them to maximise your payday enchanting can be especially profitable, note: check the output value of the item with each enchantment before enchanting to maximise the cash yield. (This will also help you develop some of your characters skills)

3. If your not ill disposed to a cheating you an always use the console command "player.additem 0000000f 5000-100"

4. Proceed with the companion quests, dark brotherhood, thief’s guild etc… Quests. They pay a little more the saloon quests but also take longer. if you do these you will have to manage your loot a little better than the inn quests as you won’t be able to carry everything (Note: when looting consider how much the items are worth per unit weight and how much gold the related store vendor carry's)

5. If all else fails you can always chop wood and sell it to a saw mill / inn keeper etc... or mine mineral ore and sell it to a mine owner, (note there is no upper limit to this so you could just set your character going and go eat some dinner, then come back and start the long slow over encumbered walk to the purchaser)
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โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย nathanmills:
~` player.additem 0000000f 1-1000000 console command
please no more comments like this i would rather not cheat
and thankyou for your help ppl :D
Then just play and sell items you find.

Wouldn't doing exploits in the game still be cheating? Just play and have fun!
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