The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Best bag mod for holding extra loot?
any ideas?
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Not a bag mod per se, but more of a bunch of smaller pouches you can wear to improve your carrying capacity greatly.

Click here[]

This one will give some of them to NPCs so you don't have to craft everything yourself[]
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That above mod (Bandoiler) is awesome. Also, the mod author does frequent these discussions.
SKSE. Not a bag, but inventory menu is now friendly. Easy to sort or search. More information. Search by a word that is describes the item: sword, elven, ore, ring, mou______, -- quickly.

Yes, this mod is a little harder to install or update.

Another is "Trash". Open to dump in items to sell. Close, and its sold! Quick.
Search "Bag Of Trash"
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I use Sabre Gear Backpack:

Gives you two different craftable backpacks, one adding 50 pounds and the other 100 to your carrying capacity, both coming in three colors, white, brown and black. Useful with Frostfall when you have to carry a tent, a ton of firewood and a woodcutter axe to not die.
pike 5.3.2013 kello 17.58 
the frankdema backpack
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