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Dragon not on mountain, what to do?
I have a job to kill a dragon on a mountain Antor, but there is not a dragon, and the pointer points to the mission of Eastern Imperial Warehouse campaign. On the radar shows that on the one hand is the goal, but it does not appear on the map, or anywhere in the room, what to do?
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Daniel Feb 15, 2013 @ 3:07am 
sometime the pointer make strange thing when you are on the spot, it's make this for me on a mission, i try to catch an assasin, and when i am on the spot i look where they are but they send me in the montain far away, i'm going to the montain, nothing, the pointer say me to return to the good location, so i return and when i am on the spot again they show me the location on the montain again far away,

anyway i have say my thinking to my computer but it's make her nothing, but i view something is wrong, in my case it's because they have missing some people to finish the quest..., in other time too the pointer sending me not in the good place, a place impossible to reach, so i continue in making other thing and found the entrance more far...

anyway, sometime the dragon run after an other form of life and they go away for a time, you can try to go out of this cell and return (enter a cave and exit) to view if the dragon are there, or making other mission before...

other thing, if you use mods, they have perharp one in conflict whit this script of the quest...
I do not use any mods, and get to where the marker shows the impossible. On the mountain, where there should be a dragon I took a few days and more ...
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