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Blacksmithing overhaul. Need help!
I'm a new modder looking to overhaul the entire way blacksmithing is done in skyrim. Im looking for someone willing to give me a tips and their knowledge. Will credit whoever gives me a hand. Thanks
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fran25 12 feb., 2013 @ 18:28 
I like Daederic Armor and Weapons. The new ones in Dragonborn might be better. I always keep a Glass Helm though so my light armor rating will go up.
Im talking about getting rid of the blacksmithing system. keeping the items but redoing how u "learn" to blacksmith. something about being able to smith everything just because i put a point some were doesnt feel right. thanks for the input though fran25
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fran25 12 feb., 2013 @ 18:36 
If you use the Gifts of Akotosh mod you can reset all your stats to 17. Therefore you will go over 81 and can take the blacksmithing mod off. I have played where I trained to be a blacksmith and the mod you describe. It really to me is no big deal.

Of course to some it is cheating and that seems to be a big deal. But the purpose of a game and I have been playing them is to have fun. I have games I went back and played with a cheat just because I wanted to play them again and not go through the hassle of playing MM7 comes to mine because I used an editor the second time.

Did I have fun both time of course I did. My Wife had terminal MS and was dying in the next room as I cared for her. When she was sleeping it took my mind off the horror I was seeing in real life.

You only get one go in life play the games as you want.
ok i think ur confused on what i mean... Ok lets start at the bottom... here is kinda of what im looking to do....

u cant blacksmith when u start the game. cant make a dagger cant make jack. u travel to a Blacksmith trainer for lack of a better example say like WoW. quest out ur rare blacksmithing plans, train ur basic.. and then move on to find a new trainer, a specialized one... like heavy, light, elven, etc... training with one blocks one of the other paths unless u find a rare trainer who could teach u everything with no blocking of another type...

i havent started working on it as im new to making mods im looking for some one to help me put this idea in to code.
fran25 13 feb., 2013 @ 1:12 
There is a mod that allows you to blacksmith with no experience in the cheating mods already if that is what you are asking. If you want to be trained the Skyforge is the best place Yorkand Grey Mane can train you to 90 allowing you to make everything but Dragon Armor.
fran25, I really don't think you understand what is being asked here. He's not asking for help with blacksmithing nor looking for mods to this end. Rather, interest in making a mod is being presented, and a request for ideas to improve/redo the smithing system is being asked for.

Personally, I can't give many ideas on how to improve it. I do find leveling smithing in general to feel kind of grindy (i.e. making a bunch of useless junk to sell simply to level). Admittedly on many of my playthroughs I often end up cheating levels in since I rather not bother with it.

The specialized branches you suggest is intriguing, seems like you could simply reorder/structure the skill tree to make it more branching then the simple loop that it is now. That said, I don't really know how much more you could do with it aside from adding more perks to each specialization and if you did, what they would even be. My only idea would be to somehow tier each specialization with each next tier allowing the player to smith better gear with simple buffs.
fran25 13 feb., 2013 @ 2:24 
I understand you could do a weapon shop edit where all items were avaliable at the top level.

I personally like the Blacksmithing Perk. But to buy everything a legendary level would be a cheat at best. And I end up making all my Weapons and Armor legendary as the game goes on.
Mumbles 13 feb., 2013 @ 11:11 
You should go to the Nexus and look up the Lorecraft module - its not being maintained or its awaiting an update. Basically how it worked was the perks were still necessary for different materials, just as before - except you had ZERO recipes in your crafting list, even with the perk unlocked. What happened instead was chests, bodies and the usual loot drops (+ some blacksmiths) had a chance of dropping a book - on certain armour types or weapon designs - and you wouldn't be able to craft anything without the book as well as the perk.

Say early on - you'd find a book called 'Common Longswords' and thus you can now make longswords out of all the basic materials (assuming you also have the perk too) - further down the road for Ebony, Daedric or Glass - you're basically stuck waiting until you found a book on 'Rare Broadswords'.

Maybe not the best system - and it hasn't been updated for awhile but you should take a look for ideas anyways - I certainly enjoyed it more than the vanilla setup. You couldn't go into a new character with decisions like armour type/weapon focus already decided - you basically had to wait until you'd learned how to make certain things. And they all sat on your bookshelves and glowed blue if they were known, and you could toggle them on/off - so the crafting lists could be kept managable and decidedly less cluttered.
@Mumbles That lorecraft module is closer to what im thinking but only making "rare plans" drops. but making train Longswords and the such at a trainer instead of skill points. Making u do quests and gather materials for them as if u were an actual apprentice.....

the only problem is i have no idea where to start in the creation kit or how to set it up. Does anyone know of tutorials for the creation kit?

@crapmonster The skill perks would be like... Increase in heavy smithng... then if u go down that path it would be Heavy can be improved 10% better, heavy items can be imbued (not enchanted, thats seperate).

Then depending on what trainers u find allows u to unlock certain perks. For a idea once ur master blacksmith either light or heavy a curier shows up say this guys wants to talk... greymane or whoever. u show up and he unlocks the other side of the tree (at the beginning of blacksmithing u have to decide armor/weapons, and heavy/light.
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