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jakethebusker Feb 3, 2013 @ 2:42pm
CTD and have tried disabling mods to no effect
I keep getting the same CTD and, like a fool keep trying expecting a different outcome. I have tried to disable all my mods which leaves me with just the DLC's and both the official and unofficial patches installed which still renders the same outcome - CTD.

I am riding my horse, Shadowmere, towards Riften (doesn't matter which town cos the proximatey to any town gets the same result), and with only about 300 metres or so to go, the games freezes for a second and the CTD. If it was only Riften, I could live with a fast travel into and out of town. However, it's Riften and Solitude and I'm trying t avoid the whole fast travel thing, anyway.

I have tried to disable mods individually to see if it was a mod causing the problem but, as I say, that hasn't resolved the issue. My mods were cleaned with TES5edit, as advised by BOSS, and I have dealt with the levelled lists with WryeBash. I've cleaned my save (to the best of my knowledge) with BASH. I've done basic system maintenance recently including drivers and viruses, yesterday, so I'm sure there's nothing wrong there. This problem is happening whether mods are active or not. I've also verified the integrity of my game cache which only left me needing to clean the mods with TES5Edit again. I have tweaked my skyrim.ini according to a tweak guide on the Nvidia website to ensure my experience is optimised.

My rig is an i5-2500k (stock clock) with 8 GB RAM (stock clock), an Nvidia GTX 560ti (stock clock), 5500 rpm 1tb hdd running @ 3GB/s (? seemed slow?). To be fair Skyrim was running fine till I hammered the Arkham series and Darksiders series recently, which leaves part of me thinking that Skyrim is feeling a little rejected and throwing a paddy. Any help would be great.
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jakethebusker Feb 3, 2013 @ 2:50pm 
edit - taken off Dawnguard and Hearthfires and still getting the same problem. BETHESDA - Here's a business idea for you - could you please fix the games that you ahve release before releasing anything more into the market place? I own quite a few Bethesda titles and at this rate I won't be buying anymore.
NanoByteGhost Feb 3, 2013 @ 3:27pm 
Originally posted by jakethebusker:
My mods were cleaned with TES5edit, as advised by BOSS, and I have dealt with the levelled lists with WryeBash. I've cleaned my save (to the best of my knowledge) with BASH.

I think I found your problem.

Those tools where used to do similar jobs back in the Oblivion days and if you look at the official oblivion forums you will see 100,000s of threads appeared over the years with equally odd errors. All from users who did what you just did.

As for Boss, they recommend people clean my mods, but like the others giving that bad advice, dont stick around to help players fix their saved games after they follow that advice, break half the quests in the mod and destroy their own saved games.

It is always us modders that clean up their mess.

Cleaning a mod is removing edits the modder made because somebody who does not even know how to make that mod believes an edit was not nessessary.

Usually they are speaking out of their asses.

Remember, if 2 mods conflict, cleaning them or forcing them to run side by side is only going to create problems. Problems like the ones you have right now.

Better advice is ignore that none sense and stick with this policy.

If 2 mods conflict, remove 1 and keep the other, you will have very few problems this way. And that my friend is tried and tested advice, its worked for me and everybody who took my advice since 2006.

PS Heartfires trophy room is known to cause crashing.
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jakethebusker Feb 4, 2013 @ 8:49am 
Thanks Giskard, but have gone the extreme route of reinstalling my system - that should hopefully sort some of my head aches. Got the trophy room n one house but it's not worth the investment. It was forum advice that lead me to the cleaning method and now I am going to stop after I reaquire the games I have on steam. wouldn't mind but I've got a fair few games to reaquire now and only a 2mb line. Happy days!!!! p.s. Got any mods you use and can recommend to enhance my fifth play through?
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