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Sparhawk122 Jan 18, 2013 @ 11:21pm
The good Deities Useless?
My point:

For a bunch of Daedric deities to have continuously attacked the races of Tamriel you would think there would be some backlash from gods like Stendarr, Talos etc. But they do absolutely nothing. Are they just content to sit in their thrones of power and because of this contentment with life they have become complacent in the protection of their worshipers. Or are they fearful that if they were to interfere they would get owned by the Daedra and as such they are actually too cowardly to step in as protectors. The Divines and other good deities obviously aren't doing their job properly if the Daedra time after time enter Tamriel and killed thousands if not hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. In the next TES game I'd like to see the good gods and such play a more prominent role instead of being bystanders with their hands tied behind their backs in a figuratively way.
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oriphur Jan 18, 2013 @ 11:45pm 
according to the lore the divines don't interfere with the mortals and daedra because they created the mortal plane nirn and as a price tied themselves to it thus causing them to be unable to interact with nirn SIGNIFICANTLY. Also there would be no point to attack the daedra because daedra are immortal and will just resurrect while aedra can be killed. Also the deadra are manifestations of emotions, mental stuff, night etc. so they can't help doing what they do. Look at sheogorath for example. He is the daedric prince of madness so he is the embodiment of insanity so he must be insane. Mehrunes is the daedric prince of conquest natural disasters, etc. That's why he has tried to conquer nirn because he is the embodiment of conquest. Also just to point out, only mehrunes and molag bal have attacked nirn. hope this cleared things up
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Vita Jan 19, 2013 @ 7:03am 
Just also adding that the Daedra aren't really evil per se. While it's true that they do commit unquestionably evil acts, thinking of Molag Bal and Mehrunes in particular here, they're characterized as not having a traditional morality in the way we comprehend it. Like oriphur said, they're basically... I wouldn't use the word manifestations... I'd say more... personifications of themes and ideas. Sanguine is a personification of debauchery, Nocturnal personifies the twilight, darkness, night etc. It's more... they hold up certain principals above all others and make their choices based on that set value. Like Clavicus Vile--Prince of Power and Wishes. It makes sense that he would be a Prince to enjoy meddling in mortal affairs and enjoy ammassing souls, and also it would make sense that he would choose to make sneaky or risky deals.

Also, it could be argued that though they are heavily destructive, they play an important role. Unlike the Aedra, who as oriphur noted are limited in what they can and cannot do, the Daedra can interact with nirn and therefore cause great and drastic change (most notably in the form of destruction). The idea of a perceived "evil as change," "'villain' as change" or "destructive force as change" is a common theme even outside of TES lore, and while it's all questionable on a moral level (I'm not wholly convinced by the rationale myself), it makes logical sense for TES to play it out this way.

If any of that is unclear or contradicts lore, someone feel free to correct me. I'm low on sleep and probably made a mistake or two. I'm running off what I can recall off the top of my head and about two hours rest. =0 Cheers!
Sparhawk122 Jan 19, 2013 @ 9:52pm 
Cheers for the comments. So the Daedra are what you would call necessary evils and the Aedra (good deities) can't step in because that would cause inconceivable ripples in the fabric of Nirn. If that's so then there's no reason your character in the next TES game can't go to an Aedra realm. A place where they reside. If even interacting with them via dialogue. It's better then blessings that wear off in a few minutes.
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