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Game unplayable after GPU update (Microstuttering on a single card)
Hey folks.

I upgraded my GPU from a 560ti to a 7950 from Asus. The 7950 seems to be holding its on in more graphically intense titles, but in Skyrim the microstuttering is, at times, rendering the game unplayable. I was getting 60fps almost everywhere on the 560ti (going up and down stairs sometimes lowered my fps lol), and I haven't seen an FPS dip yet with the 7950. Other specs are i7 3770, 16gb ddr3 crucial ballistix sport 1600mhz ram, Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H, Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD, Western Digital Caviar Black (Skyrim is on this drive).

I did search my model in Google, along with Micro stuttering & Skyrim, but all the pages related to CrossfireX/SLI setups. I'm just running a single card.

I'll give you a DotA copy (or five) if you can help me out :] Would really appreciate some guidance.

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Try rolling back the drivers to a previous version. Or if you installed the drivers from the disk that came with the card make sure you have the newest one.
As it's a red card instead of green, I hadn't used any of the drivers before. I tried both the current (12.10) and the beta (12.11) drivers, but neither proved better than the other.
Hmmm don't know then, should have stuck with Nvidia regardless.
Please, don't bring the graphics card fan battle to my thread [: The price:performance ratio was clearly with AMD when I made my choice, and it's only Skyrim I've been having an issue with :]
Semaphia - Did you do an uninstall of your NV drivers first ? Also, you may want to follow that with a driver cleaner ( ie; Driver Sweeper ) & registry cleaner before installing the ATI drivers. When switching between the Red & Green team, you really need to make sure you're starting from as clean a platform as possible. I will say that everyone, everywhere playing Skyrim, experiences an occasional CTD, micro-stutter or freeze during normal play sessions - BUT these experiences should be just a small fraction of smooth game-play, once everything's set up & stable.
Hi Dakneo, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, I did go through the control panel and uninstall every nVidia driver on there, followed it up with a ccleaner run, and then installed Catalyst 12.10 (12.11 was jerking me about). I haven't tried Driver Sweeper, so I'll give it a bash later :]

I never experienced it at all with my 560ti, to be honest, that's why it's caught me kind of offguard now. I'm having no issues with Witcher 2 & Hitman Absolution, which in graphical oompf required are heavier games. If I DID experience it with the 560ti, I just didn't notice it. At the moment, it appears like somewhat of a quick flick book/slideshow. Both fraps & MSI afterburner are showing 60fps without dips.
Hmmm. Well I'm running with the lesser 6970 and other than the standard Skyrim hiccups from time to time, I get a lot of smooth gameplay. It would be interesting to see if the control panel uninstall, followed by the driver sweeper procedure here :, then a Ccleaner reg clean .. followed by a fresh install of 12.10s eliminates the stuttering. Worth a shot. Best to ya
.. oh and if you decide to try the Driver sweeper .. 'sweep' both NV & ATI drivers before the ATI driver install.
Same Problem with Nvidia Gtx 570 here. Most of the time i have stable 60 fps and after a while totally random microstutter appear.
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