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Skyrim 9.1?
First of all let me say that I have played over 1400 hours of Skyrim and many different characters. I still don't understand the high gold prices even for the shack in Whiterun. Without at least 8-9000 gold in your pocket you can't even touch it and it is difficult to collect that much gold until at least level 10 or 11. Now with the new patch it is even worse. Most urn's now are empty and, if they have contents it is not gold. Before you could get 2 to 9 gold out of half of the urns that were not empty but now no gold in 97%, plenty of potions. I will stay away from any 'glitches' that I have encountered because I am fully aware that mods can cause conflicts. With that said, however, I now seem to have almost no daylight in game, mostly it is night or raining or blizzard conditions and frequently night/rain or night/blizzard.
At this point I almost wish that Bethesda would quit 'fixing' this game.
Any feed back or comments? Or is it just me and my old age?
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Trigger 27 mai, 2013 @ 11:24 
I've played over 3400 hours. What is your question/s
fran25 27 mai, 2013 @ 11:31 
I have noticed that more items are now in the chests than gold. But that might be done to get your speechcraft skill up. Speechcraft is a vital skill in Skyrim in my opinion. It is one of the few when I get to 100 that I do not make legendary.
Trigger 27 mai, 2013 @ 11:56 
In the Dragonborn dlc, you are able to earn a FREE home after doing afew quests
First off if your a cheap ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ like me,even with 40 or 50k on me i still open everything and take anything of so called value.Armour and weapons is where the money lies,money is everywhere.Man get a player home mod ,price $0.00 that easy.You think $5,000 is high, get Hearthfire and make all three homes three times,buy the time your finished buying and making and killing everything your out at least 100k x three x three lol.Even the most expensive home at 25k is cheap not counting up-grading.Get a wife and live with her/him or join something and live with them.Hope this helped.If i ever see or have to make another iron ingot i will throw up.And yes 1.9 is one patch that changed things and not all for the better.
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Crix 28 mai, 2013 @ 2:02 
Skyrim Patch 1.9 all of them never did any adjustments to loot spawns unless you have unofficial then you might want to consider that or look at the patch notes from unoffical Skyrim Patch (USP).

Getting gold in the game was considered to be very easy to get and I don't think I've heard anyone complain that gold is hard to get in the game and with 1400 hours in and you're just now on a rant about gold prices of the houses I'm going ot lean more towards age and burn out.
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Money is really easy to make by doing quests, dungeon raids, and crafting stuff.
On my second play around I use a mod, Riverwood Camp. This gives you a cooking pot, sleeping bag and a safe chest. I never bothered with Breezehome until Lvl 26 and olny bought it as it was more convenient to have a base where there were a lot more merchants when I accumulated lots of goodies to sell.. Yes, it's more difficult to accumulate gold at the beginning with iron weapons and armour as loot, but that is what makes you go off adventuring.

As for the other hold houses and Hearthfire I cannot be bothered with them. They are too elaborate and spread out/up/down for me. Had them the first time and after building and equiping them hardly ever used them.

Easiest way to make money is to upgrade weapons/armour by smithing plus add enchatment before selling. Plus playing as an Imperial gives you extra small amounts of gold as a perk when looting.
Everyone needs a verbal flogging once in a while, LOL. Seriously though, thanks for all the coments. I get so wrapped up in this game that I need to stop and smell reality once in a while. I probably have not experimented with other ideas in game and so have not gotten the most of what it does have to offer. Again, my thanks to all. It is refreshing.
Crix 28 mai, 2013 @ 11:03 
how old are you by the way? I mean when you get old it doesn't matter for people to ask you this right? lol

It's funny I went on your profile and you have a group called "The Elderly Scrolls. LOL!
Crix: I am 70 years old. That fact that I have lived this long in spite of myself is a remarkable accomplishment. I know there are others out there that make me look like a kid but I realize that physical age isn't as important as mental age, a problem I still deal with (LOL).
Zhuo 28 mai, 2013 @ 12:24 
You know what you should do? Pick up crap and sell it, I've made 80k gold just from enchanting and smithing stuff I don't need, I go hunting and mining for the resources, I pick up gold, but if you REALLY want to make money, you have to sell.

This is on a character I made a week ago, I bought breezehome with all the amenities and just recently bought proudspire manor with 20k to spare.
Crix 28 mai, 2013 @ 13:11 
Postat inițial de Numbnumb:
Crix: I am 70 years old. That fact that I have lived this long in spite of myself is a remarkable accomplishment. I know there are others out there that make me look like a kid but I realize that physical age isn't as important as mental age, a problem I still deal with (LOL).

I think that is awesome
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