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NEW! Skyrim Expanded: Possible Cryodil Map and Civil war Mod need ideas!!
Forgive the description I made above this is a brainstorming/idea throwing thread on a mod idea that would add a near complete map of Cryodil and would add a second part to the Civil war in which the player wages war on the Aldmeri Dominion for the Independance of Tamriel, this mod would most likely because of it's sheer size be subdivided into several smaller mods!

If done it would include some familiar landmarks from the TES Oblivion game as well as some familiar names! we are looking for anyone with any ideas as to what we should include if and when this mod is made as well as any experienced modders who have made maps in the past, i have to say this is a very alluring idea for a mod lets try and make it a reality, Long Live Skyrim, Long Live The Elder Scrolls!
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I was thinking that maybe using Morrowind or High rock would be better to use first. Having new provinces where the main quests focuses on the Dragonborn helping that province out would be a must.

The one I thought of, which has nothing to do with cyrodiil (but ill post it anyways for brainstorming puposes) was if the Dragonborn travelled to Morrowind in order to help the Redoran bring peace to the chaotic province. Morrowind recently suffered from a volcanic eruption, and Black Marsh has massacered House Telvanni. Maybe a new threat - a rising Camonna tong - could be the centerline of the quest.

Since Morrowind is in shambles, with House Redoran attempting to restabilize and assume control, the Camonna Tong could start a guerrila war. Blaming outsiders for their woes, the criminal syndicate could be targetting outsiders while gaining the support of towns and cities outside of House Redoran's control. While the dragonborn attempts to help House Redoran subdue the Camonna tong, Black Marsh could attempt another war with a weakened Morrowind in order to finish off their long-time enemy. It could be revealed that the Camonna tong has been attacking Black Marsh villages in order to force a retaliation which would occupy the Dragonborn and House Redoran while the crime syndicate attempts a military coup.

If the player has allied him/herself with the Empire, then General Tulius could come and offer his assistance, which the player could choose to accept or decline. House Redoran could also choose to accept or decline based on the Dragonborn's actions throughout the turmoil. So, for example, if the Dragonborn chose to massacre a town vs saving it, or if the Dragonborn chose to imprison a man vs executing him. If the player has sided with Ulfric, it would make sense that Ulfric deny helping the Dunmer.

In either case, the Dragonborn would have helped both Skyrim and Morrowind, thus furthering his/her connections with both provinces. Other mods could include other provinces which give the Dragonborn similar problems and benefits until a final fight takes place in Cyrodiil vs the Thalmor, where the Dragonborn must make a decision between saving the Empire, alllowing the Thalmor to win, or becoming Emperor him/herself, whith other provinces placing their support in the Dragonborn (who has actually physically helped these provinces).

Now even if this does not seem like a good idea, the way the story plays out for Morrowind I think is a good idea. The fact that your choices actually matter, and are carried around with you (for once), I think is a great idea.
actually that works out briliantly we can still implement the final push into Thalmor Controlled Cryodil and retake the Imperial city and the entire province after all after the incident in Morrowind and Blackmarsh and the involvemnet of the Dragonborn and General Tullius they would have to consider a move into Cyrodil and the imperial city would be a top priority to defend or destroy so we stage a thalmor stronghold in and around the imperial city and set the stage for an absolutly massive battle, as many NPC's as can be safley used, of course to do this we would have to eliminate the corpes of others killed in other battles in the province aside from key characters, also we should have a bunch of mini skirmises in occupied county's like Bruma and Cheydinhall as they were taken over by the thalmor in the great war and this will lead up to the climax :The Second battle of The Imperial City!
If you look at such mods as Aldmeri Domain, and Become King of Riverhelm mod and the Shadows of Morrowind map mods it is a very reasonable mod idea it will be bigger but with enough time and all the great modders on Steam and Nexus we can do it the hardest part will be how the interactions and the conflicts are designed and the way the events will chain together in fluidity and scripting will be tough as well, we would probably need SKSE or at least the Mod users would
It would be quite time-consuming, and I think SKSE would definately be needed for something of scale. The fluidity of the game wouldn't be too hard provided enough thought has been put into it. Took me about a week to figure out that Morrowind campaign, and even then it's generalised and doesn't include any side-quests or anything. But I'm more concerned with the actual modding itself. Not to mention something so big, it might be too big for the game?
That's why you'd make several mods that would stack on one another and make the morrowind and blackmarsh mods seperately some things would have to be reduced in size for this to work instead of having an entire map of Cyrodil we could just have a map of the Imperial city and the land surrounding it such as the lake rumare and the innermost communities and since it's been 200 years since the oblivion crisis youd have too believe that a lot of the buildings have changed or been torn down since then we could also do a few smaller maps of like say Skingrad County which borders the imperial city county or County Chorrol you know places close to the city so really maybe 1/3 the size of the oblivion map
this is also where a compilation map would come in handy and as I have seen someone has already made a Cyrodil map except without all the scenery and structures ect. just a blank map which i believe would give us the basic layout that we need then we'd add grass, tree's, roads and other landscape to set up for the cities and settlements, I may even pick up modding again though it would mostly be NPC's Dialouge and some minor cosmetic changes as well as some audio to go with the dialouge Note: I do have some mods but they are not released as I have had issues with CK.
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What I'll do is throw the idea around to other Modders on here and get there opinions and possibly just get input from outside sources, I will not give up on this easily
That's good. Please keep me posted. I've played around with the CK as well, but I preferred landscaping and city building. I think this could work amazingly. Keep me posted
sure thing we do need more then just the two of us though anyone you can think of who has good ideas and/or is a modder let them know about this, I have a few people i know I'll tell them as well!!
Alright good. I'll ask a few people but I think the best bet will be asking around at Nexus.
Uh I was afraid to say that on here lol,
i would like to see this mod hope it works out.
Meh i don't think it really matters. Anyways I will going off now, see you later
nathanmills a écrit :
i would like to see this mod hope it works out.

Is there anything you know how to do in the CK? You could help a little and possibly share some credit to the creation of this mod.
no i never used it before i've tried just chouldent find out how to use it
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