The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Price of Game
Seriously, I bought the game for the original $60 price, and then it was $40...and then $30....really? I'm feeling like I got ripped off a little. Anyone else's thoughts on this.
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Navarre 20.5.2013 kello 13.42 
It's like that for every game, the price drops after a while. That's one of the two reasons not to buy games at launch, the other being that games at launch are usually buggy until patches come out.

In other words, welcome to gaming.
Ogren 20.5.2013 kello 13.43 
I bought the game for $50 and I have no regrets, well maybe a lil, since a few months later or so it went down in price and then down some more... Still, I'm very happy with my purchase of Skyrim regardless, and I do not feel ripped off. Skyrim is my favorite game and I've spent over 300 hours on it, and there's much more to come. Patience is a virtue... Prices are bound to decrease in time. I didn't want to wait... No problem. Skyrim is well worth $60 even now. $30 is an amazing price for this game. I'm glad it's going down.
Mr Popo 20.5.2013 kello 13.46 
It is one of the best games I've ever played, and I don't regret buying it. But people would still probably buy it for the original price.
I hope its going on sale soon, I really wanna get it.
Bought it for the 360 when it shipped, but now I finally have a decend rig that can handle Skyrim.. sooo yeah, SLICE THE PRICE!
i bought this game for 60$ and now it wont even load when i press contuinue in the main menu it just shuts down 3 seconds later if u know how to help please message me
Every day squandered while waiting for a lower price is a day not spent playing Skyrim.
I got mine for just under 40 dollars from a games shop (was stored in back room, taken of shelves) steam has only now beaten that price. But that happens to every games thats life!!
Navarre 20.5.2013 kello 14.14 
Games on Steam are usually more expansive than elsewhere, unless you get them on a sale in which case they're often cheaper than anywhere else. Got mine this winter for 20 €, the same price I paid for Dragonborn because I didn't want to wait.
The price of buying a game near its launch, or pre-ordering is paid off by getting it before everyone else, and showing maximum support by choosing to pay more than everyone else. If you want to be a bargain hunter, wait anywhere from 6 months to 5 years after a game comes out. On top of that, wait for steam sales. Eventually, every game will go on sale once and a while.

Basically, you did it to yourself by not waiting. If price is more of a concern than play time, just wait it out. xx
If you feel ripped off, then you obviously didn't enjoy the game. Personally, looking back, if i had known i would have had the time i've had with this game, i would've easily payed over $60.

Plus, the value of games always depreciates after a certain amount of time. All games become old eventually, as companies move on to make money off new projects.
I paid 150 euro for the collecters edition. Worth every cent!
Shoe 20.5.2013 kello 17.26 
yeah i paid 40$ for mine, and i admit i feel a little ripped off when they dropped it even more, but i still LOVE the game, although i wish i had the patience to just wait for it to be cheaper- but by then they would probly stop carrying it :P
Most games go down in price over time. That's just the way of things. I preordered it on steam if I remember right or I bought on release day dunno, but I don't regret it. You pay more to get the game earlier when it's new and unexplored. I usually don't get too excited for games so I usually wait, but I can hardly say that I feel ripped off. In the case of Skyrim I thought it was worth it to spend the extra cash. Bethesda deserves that money for a game that I've gotten so much out of.
Negative, Skyrim is still worth $60 bucks
Every AAA game experiences a similar price drop. Have you never bought a video game on steam before?
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