The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
No music
Title says it all, music is on in the options and I'm not having any problems with other sounds.
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Is it muted in Volume Mixer?
1. Go to a town. (I went to solitude)
2. alt-tap to your desktop and return to the game. You should be haring the "dragon fighting" music
3. open the console with the ` key (next to the "1" key)
4. type: removemusic MUSCombatBoss (the dragon tune should fade out)
5. wait a couple seconds and the town music should start playing
6. Once you hear it, fast travel to a different town to see if the music still plays, then go to a dungeon or outside to see if the other music works.
Credit to CraftyAndy. If this did not work, then I have no idea how to help you. This worked for me.
A really, really old problem. The save was corrupt, so I created a new 1 and it was ok.
mind if i post another music related bug here? anyway, my music is stuck on the regular battle theme and it wont stop, i think it may be from fast travveling during one of the stormcloak quests but im not too sure, any help?
I'm replying in as many places as possible after fixing it for myself, so this is copy/pasted. No other solution worked for me (I encourage you to try all solutions first). Here's my fix: if you installed Skyrim on an SSD drive, try moving it (via SteamMover, google it) to an external non-SSD drive, or just a non-SSD drive anywhere. I can't believe I found the fix after this long! Music, weapon sheathing, shouts, extra combat noises - all have returned! Woo hoo!
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