The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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SuperDog 13 Mai, 2013 às 12:48
Problem when i save :(
When i enter try to save or quicksave my game crashes can anyone help me ?
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hatchet5891 13 Mai, 2013 às 13:27 
Did you recently uninstall any mods? I know I just did that and my old file does the same thing now. If this is the case, you may have to reinstall the mods to use that specific file.
SuperDog 14 Mai, 2013 às 0:34 
Well fortunately when i loaded my game this morning i tried (after uninstalling EVERY mod i use and reinstalling them) to load a previous save and weirdly my would'nt crash when i would save or quicksave .... but when i quit the game the game freezes. I really dont nkow what's going on ...
Finmakin 14 Mai, 2013 às 0:50 
Is your amount of gamesaves reasonable?
I believe i saw last week a post from someone who had 999 saves and had a bit of problems because of it
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|Xвпп| Witt 14 Mai, 2013 às 0:58 
Bethesda did something really foolish with Skyrim, and people playing around with mods need to be aware and mindful of it.

All the scripts that run on your copy of Skyrim, modded or not, are saved directly to your Savegame file.

So if you decide to uninstall mod X that runs Script Y, then load your save game... Your save game is going to still be running Script Y... If script Y calls for something you've just uninstalled....... CRASH!

You really have to be mindfull of this stuff. Because of the way Bethesda set up the saving of scripts and script states, it's really easy to hose a save game.
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