The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Mods I would to see!
1. being able to kill smart mouth people,like lost you sweetroll,Jarls kid calling you a bootlicker and others.
2.people knowing that you are Dragonborn, Respect mod.
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As for the first... well, that really doesn't require a mod. Just kill them. That's part of the game. If you want to kill the Jarl's kid, you'll need a killable children mod though. There's dozens of them on the Workshop and the Nexus. Just pick one.

There is another mod called Guard Dialogue Overhaul[] that, as the title implies, redoes guard dialogue and makes communicating with them more realistic and immersive. They'll actually acknowledge your accomplishments, including you being the Dragonborn and the savior of Skyrim. As for the other citizens of Skyrim... well, there's not much you can do about them.

Hope that helps.
i have an idea for a mod
after you finish the main quest you can go back to the throat of the world and use the elder scroll again but this time you go back in time and can expolore ancient skyrim. requiers dawnguard for snow elf civilisation, short fat npcs in cleaned dwarven ruins which are now cities and markarth, and finaly ancint nord ruins are also converted to nord towns see the book "the holdings of jarl gjalund" when you retern the dragonstone it's on the table. also new cities like solitude, riften, morthal ect dont exist only a small white run and windhelm
thats my idea exploring ancient skyrim
hey does anyone know if there is a good mod for cloaks? like actually a good one? all the ones ive found (cloaks of skyrim, etc) are really just mods for capes. a cloak should wrap around the player more, at least while standing still, and probably while moving without weapons drawn too. I realize this may not exist but at the very least is there one where you can wear your cloaks hood over your helmet? I feel like that one should be possible at the very least
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