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SkyRe (and Balbor/SteelSouls patcher) + other Mod Compatibility fix how-to
Hello, not a big modder, but during my time searching about making some mods compatible - I.E. a modded deadric weapon that with SkyRe does not have as much attack stats as a steel weapon - all I could find was "ask the developer to make a skyre patch". So after reading up on SkyRe's pdf, and doing some research on Balbor and Steelsouls patcher - which I believe is why this works in the first place now - I was able to view the code utilizing the material type for the item.

I simply booted up the creation kit and added the material ifnormation to the other mod and BOOM seemless intigration. This has worked 100% for me, but it's likely that there may be an issue for other users. I'll help if possible, but like I said I am not an actual modder.

side note, this means you're editing other people's work, as such you should not really upload any edits you do unless the mod author is okay with it.

*I use NMM, not steam's workshop, I have no idea how the mods from the SW work, but I'm pretty sure that as long as the mod is in the data folder for skyrim it will appear in the creation kit.

I hope this helps someone - if not, oh wells =3
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