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Need higher fps
First of all, I would like to say that I want the highest quality visuals.
I don't want to lose stuff like my shadow configs in skyrimprefs.ini
I'm looking for a loader or some other tool to boost my fps, just like the optifine mod for minecraft if you've heard of it.

I run ultra quality and I would like to keep it that way, if you know any mods/tools to make the game run faster without changing visuals, then please help me out.
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Swing by the nexus site for Fallout New Vegas and search for "Game Companion"

Unzip it to a directory of your choice, add Skyrim's executable to the .ini file, and then run Game companion. Then set up Skyrim to run in Windowed mode at the same resolution as your desktop does.

Game Companion will cause Skyrim to run in False Fullscreen mode. It gave me a little extra performance and stability. It also circumvents the 64 hz glitch so it acts sort of like the stutter remover mod.

I like it and use it on several games.

What kind of video card do you have? If you have a Radeon you may want to do a Google search for "Radeon Pro" as well. It will let you tweak some things driver side and will give you an easy method of injecting the SweetFX shader suite. Good stuff.
AMD Radeon 7700 series
Advanced Micro Devices In.
ATI display adapter
Internal DAC(400mhz)
1400 x 900 resolution.

I'm running about 20 visual mods with ultra settings, It's not like my graphic card is bad but it might just be a little too much.
I've heard that Skyrim is only 32-bit so you can't get it to run with more RAM.
I'll try Game Companion
What is the CPU and I guess that is a laptop?
Slowdowns after long time use or right from the start?
Mr. Touchmyself の投稿を引用:
I've heard that Skyrim is only 32-bit so you can't get it to run with more RAM.
Skyrim has been updated with LAA since patch 1.3.10 so it can go over 4GB on 64-bit operating systems.
Chuck 2013年5月11日 1時10分 
PC with AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-corse processor ~3.6ghz.
I uninstalled my ENBs but it still "lags" sometimes, just freezes for about 5-6 seconds.
I could try it with no mods installed, but then skyrim would be so boring...
Everything runs smooths except for those few seconds it freezes, after that it will work fine again untill the next freeze.
Juu 2013年5月11日 1時19分 
You could try to overclock or hit up nexus.
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