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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Sr.Therapy 2013년 5월 7일 오전 3시 56분
CTD When in Open World
I have been having a problem with one of my mods, and after a couple days of running through load orders, and disabling mods one-by-one, I've been unable to find out which one is causing it. I can run the client, but as soon as I start a game, the screen goes black, and after a minute, crashes. with the Alternate Start mod enabled, I am able to start a game in its beginning area, but once it tries to put me on the real world areas, the game crashes. I tried disabling all of my mods, playing entirely vanilla skyrim, except for dawnguard and hearthfire, but it still crashes at the same place without fail. I have tried reinstalling the entire game, but that hasn't helped. What should I do to find out what's causing the game to crash?
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Rhuto 2013년 5월 7일 오전 6시 54분 
If you go the way for reinstall of a game, then that is done because you have problems.

Since you must assume that the vanilla game is in ""Good shape"" you must take away everything that can downgrade this.

So if you go to the task to reinstall...then after removing of Skyrim...go to your steam folder...move to "Skyrim" folder and delete it. Then go to your C:/user/user/documents/my games/skyrim and delete this folder too.

This because your savegames contain information about mods you have used, and this might cause CTD when loaded...or your inifile might have got some script and so on....let Fresh be Fresh...delete all old things.

Since you just have installed your new might try to go to your savegame folder an delete the "skyrim folder" (all of it)...when you then start skyrim it will then make new ini files...and that might help.

Always remember to uninstall mods...not just delete it...this because some mods might write script to inifile or something...and if just delete mod..these script will point to thing that aren't there anymore, and the game go over the cliff by CTD.
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