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Skyrim Mods, Cheats and Too far
I have noticed that their are some nice mods that pretty much allow the game to be more convienent, but when is it too far? I wanna talk about everything from God weapons to Weight Reducers owo
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I'm going to make a simple point. One that can be talked about by everyone in the discussion as a main argument. God weapons are simply called god weapons for a reason. No sugar coating it or anything. The next time your buddy decides to brag about his epic quests through Skyrim and how it challenging it was, just know that he might have a god weapon. Weight reducers? Depends, armor, weapons, and other combat objects should have a normal weight, this creates the idea of inventory management. Removing that aspects ruins one of the largest challenges in the game. So if you really want to know, God weapons, are God weapons. The only variable in this whole equation is the Weight Reducing mechanics, and how they are used.
I only think it's a bit overboard when I hear tales of the great heroes who paraded around in their octuple Daedric armor of 100% magicka cost reduction and 100000 health boost and their five mile long Tooth of the God-Slaying Kraken Greatsword with 500 enchants which does 100000000000000 x 10^10000000000 damage per second + 10^x health absorb.
Ehehehe, moving on is not a thing people on the internet do my dear sir owo
I see it as overboard when they are still 1 hitting everything in Legendary difficulty. As for myself I mostly use Immersive/Overhaul mods only.
I will be honest cam, I know how to let go, I was simply looking or a conversation topic and to see people's justifacations about goditems if they have them, and how people can say how cheap and stupid it is, so imma have to ask you not to walk into a thread and say something that could end it within the fourth reply
*gasp* o0o
It's never too far.. I could not give a single skeever turd if my buddy adds an invulnerable, naked, mountable giant that one-hits everything to his game because it has absolutely zero impact on my game. Let the people have their fun and you have yours.
Lol, see that is what I was looking for, an opinion owo
When you set the speed to 10.0000 reach to 10.0000, the weight to 0.0000, the stagger to 10.0000, the crit multiplyer to 10.0000, crit Dam to 100, damage to 1000 LOL...I'd say that is YUP.....TOOOO FAR!


Here's mah cat face..

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Well I gained new insight about this, and that is becaue people just wanna ♥♥♥♥ around owo
I like to set my damage at default mostly, or actually just below default, as the several enchantments like absorb enemy's health , along with a couple of other ench's on the thing buff it ip a bit, I like to make em balanced for the game, anything that goes into the OP range, is too much for again, for me, personally, it does kinda kill the game's challenging combat experience...I like to think that the stuff I've made isn't ''too far''...or at least I hope so :/
I've followed a few discussions on cheating the game. In my opinion cheating is bending the intentions of the makers of the game to your own advantange. However, sometimes the intentions of the makers are a little weird. Take the system that determines when an enemy dies, when you attack. This system uses damage points. Every weapon will harm an enemy for a certain amount of damage points. Using weapons like sword, axe or the like in face-to-face combat I can agree with that system. But, when I sneak up to say a bandit who is not heavily armored and I shoot him (or her) an arrow in each eye and that bandit is still trying to have a go at me, that's not how it's supposed to be. That bandit should have been killed instantly! For that purpose I have made myself a special set of arrows that I only use when opposing enemies without full armor including helmet. Side effect is, that when I miss the right spot (head or heart) they will still be killed instantly, although sometimes when I was sure to have aimed at the head or the heart (at short distance), the arrow was stuck in an arm or a leg or even just laying on top of his or her head. And that's something I would like to change or have changed. Still, I think I am cheating the game, if only because those side effects.

But, the right shot should kill instantly. Also, a war arrow is capable of penetrating most armor, at least fur, hide, iron and steel.
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