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Is Skyrim too much?
My PC is rather old, but I can run skyrim at ultra settings (without anti-aliasing, and FXAA on) - but all the fades at max, and the ansiotropic filtering at 16 as well. It runs pretty well, I don't have a recording software, but I believe it's at LEAST 24fps - no tears, minimal lag. I know what 60fps looks like and this is DEFINITELY not that, but still, it's nice enough to play...

But lately my PC has been overheating while playing skyrim *(and only skyrim) - freezing up and forcing me to hard reset. Am I pushing it too far? If it runs smoothly why can't I play at ultra settings?

Not the best at computer HARDWARE - I mainly do video for a living, but still - this issue only happens with this game. Could it be the graphics card causing the freeze?

The "freeze" is a total computer lockup where the system becomes unresponsive. No ALT-TABs no CTRL ALT DELs, nothing. No button response, no mouse, no controller, nothing. Complete lock. Sometimes the sound FX hang, and sometimes just the music keeps playing.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum or a stupid question.

My settings for my PC are as follows: (it's old)

Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50 Ghz
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
NVidia GTS 250

My Skyrim Settings are

No Anti-Aliasing
16 Ansiotropic Filtering
High Texture Quality
Low Radial Blurs
High Shadow Quality
Medium Decals
Water Reflects All (Except Sky)

All Fades at Max
L.O.D. Fade ON - Distant Objects are high details.

For reference, I play Fallout 3 and NV on ULTRA (with Anti-Aliasing at 8X) and no problems with lots of MODS too. The freezes only happen on skyrim. Can a game cause this? Or is this just an aging platform that needs an upgrade?

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Get something like GPUz and monitor your temperatures. If your card is building up dust in the heatsinks it will start to overheat. Some cheaper boards also begin to warp over time and the GPU separates slightly from the heatsink. . . that's harder to fix.
Thanks I will try that. And try some compressed air on it. Doesn't LOOK too dusty when I checked it earlier, - but that warping might be truthful - I've done a lot of maya renders since I got it...
Poorly optimized mods will do that. Compare mods, for instance "castle volkihar redux" is heavily optimized, where most other mod makers didnt finish the most important part .. optimization. Try CV Redux, then go to another large mod and see the difference on your frames will be.
aturqoise 4. Mai 2013 um 11:36 Uhr 
It just might be a Vista thing as well. Make sure all your dirvers are up to date too.
Bullets 4. Mai 2013 um 12:01 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von White Russian:
Or is this just an aging platform that needs an upgrade?

What you just said above is the main reason. It's old and outdated catered to consoles that are 7 years old
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