The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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A funny thing happen going through Skyrim
This happen at start of game playing around learning the tab key
As i pass women they were saying OOH!!,ARHH!!,MMM!!, later I talked to one her reply was "I hope you are going to put something appropriate clothing on. Went to 3rd person view I was only in my jocks.
Got conned my woman in Solitude for inappropriate clothes on to go to the Blue Palace, only to be told later the same spin and I was wearing what I bought of her.

Have 3 manors and fortified but no one greets you as the owner etc.

What if this happen

* Wife is in a nice dress(day) and greets you with a slinky silk nightie(night) Combat clothes bug me.
* Come home after being at the tavern (Drunk and hear this) You'r drunk again and promptly get cobbered with iron cooking pot.
You have been with that hussie blonde bard at the tavern again haven't you?.
See someone sneaking out the back door partly clothed!!!.
(Hey!! it happens now and through the ages, why not Skyrim)

* Cold night with a companion out in the countryside or tavern (Oh!! come on you must have though of it) They had mistresses back then.

But the the best one is from 'BETH' themselves
Come home and the wife is depress and she tells you she is pregant, WHAT!!! HOW!!! you know you are impotent you can only adopt kids.

Lastly jilted a woman at the alter married Lydia. Boy did I cop it in Sanguine Quest when I drank that special brew.

Please post things that has happen to you in the game or should happen
Maybe a modder's field-day making up some new sayings

This is to brighten up Skyrim a bit and have a bit of a chuckle.

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Void#151625 3 maj, 2013 @ 2:08 
my tipp look at nexus mod get SKSE and few mods and you got what you want sicne its allready made lol
★Kelvy★ 3 maj, 2013 @ 3:58 
Yeh I know, its more a lighter look at Skyrim, what happens as you play it, odd saying etc.
(I upgraded PC found a couple of small files missing(easy fix) but need them to get SKSE up and running have the rest Nexus and like.)
Jogon 3 maj, 2013 @ 6:09 
Yes happened to me. I left Lakeview and went to see the Jarl in Falkreath and his guard said I should get some clothes on. For some reason I was naked and I did not take my armour off. I would have thought Lydia would have said something when I left but apparently it happened after I had left the building. No I did not have it off with Mjoll the Lioness!
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