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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Blaster 1/mai/2013 às 6:48
Triggering Failures
The Following list is that which no longer triggers: Unable to purchase Breezhome from steward, It won't appear in the conveo list. The same issue with purchasing a home in Solitude, The steward doesn't have it in his list. Vilkis fails to enter the courtyard so I can advance further in the Quest. Unable to move beyond the party at the Falmer Embassy due to the "distraction" not moveing away from the front door.

Bethesda, are you people going to get off your lazy butts and fix these glitches or shall we get a class action together to get our money back? What will it take for you to do what is the right thing to do, namely address these issues and correct them.

Are you people even testing these mods that are created outside your organization to even see if they are remotley compatible?

This inattention to customer complaints is disgusting and highly unprofessional. I think iot is high time that you purge your company of the dead-beats who refuse to properly do their jobs and then replace them with those who are of a stronger responsible ethic.

These constant bugs and glitches have taken the joy from this game. My rating has dropped from 10 down to a 7, maybe 6, because of these problems.
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Roscaria 1/mai/2013 às 22:50 
These are not glitches. It sounds like you have mod conflicts. While agreeing that Skyrim is buggy mods created outside their organisation are used at the players own risk. Although I have been tempted to add several mods, have kept the number down after reading threads about the problems encountered. Must be very frustrating to all those who want to have the greatest game possible.
Bethseda needs to be vigilant in their quality control but I guess it all comes down to the mighty dollar being required asap.
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