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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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who to help in falkreath?
before i visited the jarl of falkreath, who told me i can become his pet by helping 3 people in falkreath, i already helped the blacksmith with his doggy isue, which was a fine quest on its own. then the quest of helping 3 guys came up, and so far ive only found 2 people to help. the old jarl, and the priest who wanted his book back. who else can i help because i cant find anyone left.
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Talk to Thadgeir - he's usually chopping wood outside the Inn. He'll have something for you (as long as you don't have the same type of delivery quest outstanding for someone somewhere else).
Viimeisin muokkaaja on stabbykitteh; 1.5.2013 kello 1.41
i have been waiting for him for 3 days, but havnt seen him yet. guess i will return to falkreath some other time.

uhmm, i just noticed, i had the key to dengeirs house...could it be ive killed thadgeir in an earlier quest..?
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Jeruzalem; 1.5.2013 kello 1.55
I don't know. Do you have Dawnguard? The vamps might have taken him out as well...

Have you tried picking cabbage for the farmer or chopping wood for whatever-her-name-is at Half Moon Mill? Those might work.

I'd also say talk to Sidgir as well, but I don't think the quest Ill Met By Moonight (Hircine) counts toward the total.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on stabbykitteh; 1.5.2013 kello 2.08
i was attacked by vamps twice, and then by culturists from dragonborn, and then i was attacked by i got attacked 5x in falkreath alone. i made many enemies at most places where i think characters are being an ♥♥♥. like 1 quest dude said i couldnt leave the quest or i would be killed if i wouldnt do the quest, so i killed him. or another one in solitude where some1 said i had to stop the lighthouse from burning so a ship would crash onto the clips. i killed him too. might be he got killed in any of those attacks...
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Jeruzalem; 1.5.2013 kello 3.37
Runil (the priest of Arkay) has sent me off on a quest occasionally to retrieve his journal. It may be a radiant quest which is why it doesn't always show up, as stabbykitteh said earlier about quests of the same sort only being triggered if you have none of the others currently active. Also Dengeir has a couple of quests.

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That old Jarl's maid, drop a piece of armor infront of her and she will take it.

The elf in the hall of the dead lost his jornal

The old Jarl actually gives one quest, but slpit in two parts

Talk to the lady in the inn, some hunters went mission (a cave nearby)

The black smith quest and the farmer's quest (who's daughter was murdered) are both daedric quests, i am not sure if deadric quests count as helping the people.
Find Mathies working in his field, pick some cabbage and sell it to him.
Sell some food to the farmer whose dauter died. talk to the guy who is always chopping wood out side of the inn. If he is not outside the inn he will be inside the inn. he will ask you to delivre his friends ashes to Runil. Then Talk to the old jarl . He will ask you to steal a letter from the blacksmith.
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