The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Is there a more faithful companion than Lydia. She has risked her life for me so many times it is hard not to want to have her with me when I fight.

I think that although I like Aela's looks better and we are both Werewolves I will probably have to marry that girl when the time comes. I have the Invincible Housecarls mode on and I swear she is a better fighter than I me.

Are there any other Lydia fans pro or con out there.
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Edit: -snip- because you are lame. dish it out on other threads but cant handle being served.
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Jordis sword maiden is my right hand and oh boy her skill level is high, just like to know how or what method you can use to see what it is.
By the time I get Jordis is usually don't need her. Lydia keeps me alive in the begining.
Kelvy there are mods that allow you to see that. Even monsters levels and such.
Honestly, I never used her ^^; She can carry the burdens of being bored to death reading the same book everyday. XD And cleaning my house too.
I killed Lydia. I dont remember the exact name of the quest but i sacraficed(spelling?) her
I made her immortal I like having her around so much. As a Male that had a loyal wife I admire loyality even in a game.
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AlexVan původně napsal:
Honestly, I never used her ^^; She can carry the burdens of being bored to death reading the same book everyday. XD And cleaning my house too.

When I leave her at home she is always eating bread when I return. I must be paying a fortune in bread costs.
Yeah.. sucks. x.x And sweet-rolls. Dx When you think you have 20000coin, 5000 of it disappears from your pocket when your sleeping because she takes it.
I love good old Lydia. She is with me on almost every edventure and works very well. =)
Yeah Lydia rocks as a housecarl but she can die where Alea cannot. I killed her easy by accident once. Alea just gets down. Then you hit her with a heal other spell and she says Thanks I feel better now.
I have had Lydia as a companion for most of the game but now I have built Lakeview she is steward (which she volunteered for). I am married to her and she moved her things from her place (Breezehome) into Lakeview. That is funny because I thought I owned Breezehome but she indicated we could live at her place which happened to be the same place.
She looks after lakeview and is always cleaning up, like getting rid of the bodies of bandits, etc. She also cooks me a meal every day when I am home. My present follower is Mjoll the Lioness and Lydia is looking after the house.
I find lydia better when I used mods that disabled her burden remarks etc....she just annoyed the pee out of me before that. I am not gonna take lip from my house carl.
I used the mod Sgt Nick and Cebberus there is a mod where she can become invincible in fact all your housecarls do. There is another mod that turns all Housecarls into Females does anyone know what that is?
I just took Lydia out again and got into a fight I picked with some orcs. As she was helping me kill them she was yelling die you orc scum.

It is just fun to adventure with her not that she is immortal.

I can see why Jogon likes he so much I have used Aela in the past she is not nearly as vocal.
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