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Multiple Weapons Equipped (Screenshot Links at Bottom of Post)
Hello all,

Just a quick heads up about a long lost discovery I made that some, but not all, may know about. That is of course the ability to equip multiple weapons on your character! (ie have a dagger, claymore and shortsword ect on your character at the same time). Its a fairly simple concept and adds to the beauty/realism of the game. Some of you may have no interest in this simple 'Mod', if you can call it that, but if there are any out there like me then hopefully there will some.

What I mean by saying its not actually a mod is because you dont need to download anything, simply add a line of text to the Skyrim.ini file. this should be located whithin your 'My Documents' folder (My Documents/My Games/Skyrim) is where my 'Skyrim.ini' is located. you want to open up this text file using a word formatting program (I used Notepad). then from there find the [General] section, mine was right at the top and had one line of text already 'sLanguage=ENGLISH', you need to add the following line of text 'bDisableGearedUp=0' right underneath!

If you have done it correctly it should look something like this...


And if your not sure, MAKE A BACKUP FIRST, to avoid any major issues!

Now to finish simply save the document and your ready to rock! Load up your game and start 'Favourating' the weapons you want on your person. As far as I am aware it should work with almost every mod on the workshop, if not them all. There are a few minor bugs when changing weapons using hotkeys and you have them unsheathed. This may cause you to be holding two weapons for example, to fix this simply sheath the weapon, unfavourite it and unequip it and then just favourite them again to re-equip them to your character.


Simply remove the line of text in your Skyrim.ini document or make a backup beforehand and just swap them out if its not for you!

Awesome, thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoi this cool little addition as much as me!

As for Credits I DID NOT create this mod/trick or whatever you want to call it! I stumbles across it on a forum a long time ago but have unfortunatly been unable to find the creator! But a big thank you to them from myself! Anyway I hope you enjoy and good hunting Drogonborn's!

Houdini out

Screenie 1

Screenie 2
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Thanks! This really helped!
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