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im new to skyrim pc wha computer is best
my lab top is not working fast but it has a lot of ram 3gb the game needs 2gb help
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Just RAM is not enough, you also need a good graphics card (GPU) and a good processor (CPU). There is no factual way to approach your question of "what computer is best" because most PC gamers build their own rigs. A better point of focus for you would be "what is better than your laptop, and what can you get that both fullfills your needs and fits your budget."

If you are going to aquire a new PC, first decide whether you want to build it yourself or buy it pre-built. Then start either researching parts/componants or researching builder companies.
agreed with Uncle Cookie. Also If you plan on building a PC, I recommand you look at a few games your plaining to play and look at the requirements. Then base your PC off of them. This should also work if your looking into purchasing a PC as well.
What kind of Lab is it? Diffrent labs have diffrent speeds. could be that youre lab needs a break from all that running.
Better give that doggy some water
oh ♥♥♥♥ i just realized that was a typo
What is your budget? That is important question, any answer before that is kinda pointless.....
If you can you will always get more for your money by putting pc together yourself....

My basic advice....wether building or buying.
Never chench on powersupply....people try and save there, DON'T....get at least 500watts if using ONE graphics card....if you you plan on SLI you'll need more. Most boxed pc stores chench here.

Get a micro ATX motherboard from a GOOD company to save's better to get a budget mobo from a good brand like say Asus or Asrock etc then a uber board with bells and whistles you won't need from a company that is cheap. Cheap motherboards cause major problems....I use a budget Asus p8H67-M's cheap and does everything I need for powerful gaming....people tend to buy more mobo then they need....but brand DOES matter as cheap mobos can melt transisters etc when you put nice hardware on them.

GPU, spend as much as you can here :D I think my new GTX 670 is my favorite bang for buck card I used to like Radeon 7000 series and they are slightly better deal but they seem to be having stuttering issues...since I moved to GTX the top FPS may be similar but the stuttering has wasn't easy to admit as I have always supported AMD, but until they fix this issue I'm back to Nvidia

CPU i3 processor is all you really need....most of the time... i5 is all you need for real powerful gaming. I do use a i7 3770 but not for gaming reasons, rather video i5 quad at a decent speed is fine...and for a long time I started with i3 2120 to save money when i switched from AMD cpu to worked fine and I made some incredible game videos pairing it with a HD real boost in game performance going to i7 believe it or not.....less then 10fps diff at most. If the game is heavy in physics or AI you could see bigger boost from better cpu. Graphically won't matter.

memory if you want to heavily mod Skyrim get at least 8gb and a 64 bit version of windows.....don't worry that much about speed, and overclocked memory is an absolute waste.

Get a propper cpu fan don't use stock....Hyper 212 EVO is best bang for buck cheap...and makes about a 15-20 degree difference from stock fan. You may not need this with they usually run alot cooler but with i5 or i7 get this or similar.

SSD for c: drive..... SSD is more help on your system drive then drive you install games on...because that is where majority of work is done. The drive games are on will only see improvement from SSD in load times, but not gameplay......(it's loaded in memory anyway) however system on ssd will improve windows performance and background services that can slow games down...(antivirus etc) Always put steam on a different drive then your C drive for best gaming performance....ALWAYS.

Just my tips.
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Building your own PC is the way to go, bubget wise it maybe not cheap but with games getting better graphic etc you can upgrade the computer to keep pace. I have found my new and rebuilds are on par in buying new computers. Get rid of laptop for games of this sor,t ain't going to handle big games just keep it for daily chores etc.
ok have a any one haer of a computer that has its tower in side ts self
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ok have a any one haer of a computer that has its tower in side ts self
That's a mac. If you want a system to play games, buying a mac is the absolute worst thing you could possible do.
The game looks crap? How dare you?

Even by its vanilla version, it looks awesome on ultra. You probs run it by medium settings anyway.

With the visual and texture mods, made it more awesomer.
i like u dakez ur right skyrim is godly now that i got my new desktop pc i now have a lot more ram and graphs but stream does not have any good mods and nexes is not free
Nexus is only have to pay to get premium download speeds.....Might be wortha couple of dollars to join for a month when your first downloading bulk of mods. (plus supporting them for all they do)......but you never have to join or spend a dollar there.
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but it will not let me and the currency is in eu or pounds or whatever ill get the life time membership if i now the prise can u help
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