The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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ntm2003 5 Abr, 2013 às 13:00
elder scrolls online
has anyone heard of a release date yet for this game and know if it will be free to play online?
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Huntsman S. Thompson 5 Abr, 2013 às 13:08 
I hope its not a free to play. No pricing model has been released, but try to imagine if skryim was free to play. Every armor tier would cost you money or if it was like tf2, every new helmet, weapon, etcc.. would be a price. This model is not good for a gamer, but I'm also against $60-70 new games.

Companies, if you don't want people pirating your games then remember who your target audience is and how much they can actually afford. Music, movies, games, these are entertainment options, but people will only be able to afford so much of them before they deem them overpriced and rationalize stealing them. Making something f2p doesn't alleviate the costs since the things withheld are generally game breaking and necessary for fun/completing.

My guess is this game will be subscription based and go for a WoW payment style.
I've never subscribed to a game, if I did, it would need to cost slightly more than a magazine a month or I would not bother. If they consider year long only subscriptions then I'm out.

$20-$30 is my maximum game price, period, and I'm an employed adult. I have no idea how so many people PRE-ORDER things they have never seen or played or had reviewed and pay $60-70 with the risk the game is broken, unfinished, or worse, just plain not fun.
ntm2003 5 Abr, 2013 às 13:15 
if its free to play it might not be good if theres a monthly fee it will deff be worth buying i was looking at getting guild wars 2 to see if that was worth it so lets just hope it wont be buggy and it will be like the other elder scrolls games it may be like wow i heard that it will, not sure where i heard it from though
I hope it's the old fashioned "Buy to Play" like Skyrim; no subscriptions, etc...
Although, I would be ok with COSMETIC items that can be purchased [like TF2].
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bertee 5 Abr, 2013 às 13:24 
I hope it wont be like wow where its a monthly fee, that would suck. But free to play would be even worse
ntm2003 5 Abr, 2013 às 13:27 
well lets just hope its good im sure there be alot more info at E3 this year and some gameplay trailers
Professor Redwood 5 Abr, 2013 às 13:27 
I just hope it's good, if the 10,15 bucks a month is worth it then i'll pay for it. If i'm logging in 20+ hours a week then my 15 bucks is going farther then it'd be able to do spending it on other luxuries.
Professor Nep-Nep 5 Abr, 2013 às 13:45 
ehh it prob wont be free to play, i cant see it like that but if its a subcription thing the highest i would be willing to is $15 but thats only after its been reviewed and deemed good otherwise i have no intentions of getting it, it just would be an elder scrolls game.

you have always been the hero but in a mmo they can say you are the hero but so are oh lets say...hmm 50,000 other people are too
k9mouse 5 Abr, 2013 às 15:04 
To answer the OP Questions:
All we heard about a release date is sometime in "2013" My personal guess is Christmas, right now we are in Semi-open beta testing, So all testing will take time to work any problems or new feathers to be added in.

For me, I can not wait for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). For few months now, I have been collecting news stories and videos about it.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the videos are old (aka pre alpha) and some of the videos are brand new. So please keep that in mind, bcause game is still being worked on and different aspects had changed.
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oriphur 5 Abr, 2013 às 15:57 
zenimax says 2013. my estimation of the release date is somewhere between october and december. the beta has recently started and that will take a few months plus an extra 1 or 2 months to polish and squish bugs. also for a game this big im sure they want to maximize the starting profit so it's definetly going to be for this holiday season. as for the payment model it will not be free to play unless the game does badly. this is zenimax and bethesda we are talking about and since bethesda gets a slice of the profit and they are greedy they are definetly going to make us pay money$$$ for the game. price will probably be 60$. somewhere around there. what im more concerned about is if there will be a subscription like WoW or if it's a one time pay like guild wars. it will probably be a subscription but i say there is a decent chance that it might go with GW's payment method. me and im sure everyone else would prefer the one time payment. it's an elder scrolls game so already there's going to be a huge profit from buying the game. all they would need to do is have a good online shop for the losers who pay to have special stuff and they will still make a good profit. i just hope zenimax doesn't succumb to bethesda's greed.
NanoByteGhost 5 Abr, 2013 às 16:00 
Systems that work are the on off payment, the money sub and thats about it.

When they charge for the game and charge a sub, people tend to be put off by it. When they make it free but then cripple the game unless you buy things in game using real cash, people stop playing quickly.

Also players want to see frequent updates and events, that means they need a steady flow of new sales for the game. So if the game gets a bad rep early, its doomed.
ntm2003 5 Abr, 2013 às 16:03 
i would like to see a Collector's Edition of the game but for it being online game they may not make one.
wickerrobot 5 Abr, 2013 às 16:07 
Have heard nothing, but like many very interested. I have checked out the eso site and watched the trailer. It gave this (soy)milk drinker goosebumps! Shall be cool to play with fellow like minded elder scrollerers.

I feel stupid wanting a sub fee. Why pay?..paying is not logical,wanting it free seems right. but with sub games comes a level of comfort for me...dedicated service response from a hired team for maintenance, anti-cheats,hate and grief prevention,stable servers, and more. The skyrim forums have trolls, I would imagine a f2p eso would be over-run with them. And not the arm waving burn with fire kind. And most trolls don't carry many goldcoins so doubt they can afford the sub fee & game cost to wash, rinse and repeat like they do in f2p titles.
Arcamean 5 Abr, 2013 às 17:27 
I tend to prefer sub based games as they -generally- are more fun and reliable in content. When a game is F2P it's not skill or luck but the guy with the biggest wallet who tends to have the most fun. If I want that I'll watch some guy drive off the lot with a new corvette. :p
Sigurd Hring 30 Mai, 2013 às 17:48 
Elder Scrolls is coming out in December for sure. If you don't believe me look in Amazon.
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