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Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch [USLEEP]
As many of you may remember, last year around this time we conducted a poll on whether or not it was the right time to consider unifying the unofficial patches into a single package. At the time, about 25% of those who responded to the poll were still in a position where they did not have all 3 DLCs for the game. So we decided against merging everything at that time.

Fast forward to today, it's become quite clear that that 25% is far less than it was, and more and more people have been asking when we're going to be doing this. This post is your answer. :)

Shortly after the release of USKP 2.1.3, we will begin the process of unification to merge the vanilla USKP plus all of the DLC patches into one all encompassing mod, which will be known as "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch", or USLEEP for short. A mouthful, but a catchy acronym.

We have decided that the best course of action will be to rename the esp to match the mod's updated name. It will remain an ESP file flagged as an ESM as that makes the process of working on it less of a hassle for us and as has been proven, the game, CK, and existing mod management tools are completely fine with it. We have also verified that switching the ESP name will not cause any scripts modified by the project, or added new to the project, to throw Papyrus errors. The only side effect will be that the retroactive update scripts will all run again. That shouldn't cause any problems though and we'll make sure any scripts manipulating formlists are safeguarded against generating duplicate references in them.

The hi-res DLC patch will remain a separate entity as many people do not use it for one reason or another and it's not considered part of the "Legendary Edition" of the game either.

We estimate the time needed to do the work of merging everything together and then putting it through testing will take a few months. So we are not anticipating another release for the project between now and November while this work is done. Time commitments to other things are the main reason for this, so we figure giving ourselves enough time for that is prudent. Plus this also gives enough warning ahead of time that we're going forward with this.

As many existing issues as we could resolve for the 2.1.3 release cycle have now been cleared from the tracker and any issues remaining that are not feasible to fix have been closed appropriately. Any new issues submitted after this point will need to wait until the unification process is complete before we will even begin to consider touching them. Please, DO report them, just don't expect action for awhile. If it should become necessary (God forbid) for a hotfix to be released before the unification is done, then that will be the ONLY issue that will be addressed and will be handled only in whatever patch it may affect.

After the unification process is done, the existing separated patches will no longer receive updates. The files will remain up in their existing entries but will be frozen and the comment threads closed where possible. All future support will be handled on a single file entry for the unified project on each site it is hosted on.

Mods which rely on using the USKP/UDGP/UHFP/UDBP are strongly urged to make plans to switch over to the new master file when it's ready. Other mods which import fixes from the unofficial patches are also strongly urged to make sure they are up to date before November. It would also be best if any translated versions of the patches out there get synced up with 2.1.3 so that as many people as possible will have access to them while the unification is underway.

We will have a testing release at some point before the unified patch is ready to go live. The usual cautions against using beta copies on saves you intend to keep will apply. That step is going to last no less than a full month so that there's time enough to shake out any bugs that result from the process.


Some of you may also be wondering what this means for my own projects that make use of the unofficial patches as masters. These will all be converted as needed to run using the unified patch file. Post-unification, I will not release mods that rely on the individual patch files. So things like Bring Out Your Dead, Cutting Room Floor, Ars Metallica, and other stuff, will all get taken care of on whatever schedule fits best as the process moves along. In the case of Cutting Room Floor, this will also open the door to adding cut DLC content that's been getting logged to the tracker. So it'll be worth it :P Once I make these transitions, any old copies relying on the old patch files will be frozen.
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Hrm. Also if anyone knows how to go about getting this pinned I'd appreciate it :P
Fortunately, I switched to Nexus about a week ago just for that reason. Fortunately, the few ctd have fallen off, a few have occured on travelling. Also installed Falskaar, the main reason. Running through story now.
Arthmoor eredeti hozzászólása:
Hrm. Also if anyone knows how to go about getting this pinned I'd appreciate it :P

Not sure how you would pin this thread, but you could post a reference to it to the currently pinned C:\ HELP \ TIPS \ MODS \ ISSUES WITH SKYRIM ? thread. That one only points to the Nexus sites (in the initial post) now, so the explanation and the other links would be new information.

Arthmoor, thanks for the Unofficial Patches, BTW!
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Alembrik; 2013. okt. 28., 20:43
havent been playing for a while but still annoys me, i use the steam version because it did automatic updates to the patches, don't want to have to go on nexus all the time to check for updates, aw well looks like have to do that now, nonetheless great job for the Unofficial Patches Arthmoor, and thank you
Tried to find the Unofficial High Resolution Texture patch but it is not up on Steam or Nexus. It has been unsubscribed on Steam so I will probably get a message next time I fire up Skyrim that it is missing.
I was taken aback when I saw these become unsubscribed and unchecked when I started up Skyrim. An in-game message box would have done wonders to warn players, but it's also not too big a deal for me.

I'm curious though, why wasn't a legacy plugin left that just limited itself to offer no support, to provide it "as-is", like with Open Cities Skyrim? I was happy with the plugin that automatically installed itself whenever I reinstalled my game (I have to swap out games from my HD every so often), even if it did not fix the CTD bugs.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: LM; 2013. okt. 29., 5:59
I am having a problem.

I went to Skyrim Nexus and the patches were downloaded.
The problem comes when I try to download Wyre Bash or Nexus Mod Manager, which requires an account to do so. I created one, but the confirmation email hasn't arrived.
Just put the mods in the data folder manually.
Ah, thank you for the information.
Nexus does not appear to have the Unofficial HD Texture Pack patch.
Jogon eredeti hozzászólása:
Nexus does not appear to have the Unofficial HD Texture Pack patch.
AFK Mods then, I found it there.
Nexus link for the High Resolution Patch:
Thanks stabby. Found it after a concentrated look!! :^) Got up early and did a look around. All updated. :)
Well, ok. Just got informed by someone in the know that the 100MB file size limitation is in fact Valve's fault after all and that the Creation Kit queries the servers for the allowed file size before attempting to upload anything.
The Nexus Sites + NMM have been, are and always will be superior to the Workshop.

That's not to say that the Workshop wasn't a nice idea... the more places that try to get it 'all under one hood' and achieve the opposite by fragmenting the community the better. /sarcasm
Legutóbb szerkesztette: CarlinFan; 2013. okt. 31., 6:52
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