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Dovahneer 26. okt 2013 kl. 15:43
Annoying bug that will not allow me to progress in MQ
Okay, at the quest "a blade in the dark" after I kill Shalokinr ( I think i spelled that correctly )
Delphine wont give me the dialog option to continue and it only says "who are the thalmor" And that other one wich is too long for me to remember.

I have no mods that affect dragons/Delphine, tried setstage MQ106 150/155/160, and reloaded from a save a bit farther back.

I spent a good 80 hours into this character and dont want to restart. Help?

Edit: setstage MQ106 200 breaks the main quest, so yeah.
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sev_rickman 26. okt 2013 kl. 17:23 
could be a mod conflict, I had a problem with the first dragon at teh watchtower not giving me it's soul, I disabled the Dragonborn.esm and it worked great. Also on the uesp wiki page they suggested it could be an unofficial patch problem. You'll probably need to play around with your mods/load order. I hope you made some saves before starting the battle, as once the bug happenes you have to roll back.
Dovahneer 26. okt 2013 kl. 18:28 
Look, i have no mods that even relate to oneanother.

Also, dont have any DLC whatsoever (Except the HD texturepack)

Mod list:SKSE, SkyUI, disarm overhall, Better breezehome lights, the fur trade (better pelt prices), revised potion weights, Upgradeable follower outfits, that space core mod, enchantment clenser, deadly aim rank 2, and faster vanilla horses.
Dovahneer 26. okt 2013 kl. 19:23 
Also, i took Shalokinr's soul and everything.
Arthmoor 26. okt 2013 kl. 21:34 
It's a bug in the vanilla game. Dirge is dead at the Thieves Guild. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch resolves this issue.
Dovahneer 26. okt 2013 kl. 23:07 
... I never even started the thieves guild quest, or went to riften.
Arthmoor 27. okt 2013 kl. 2:05 
That doesn't matter. Dirge could have been killed without you having done anything. A dragon attack perhaps, or maybe vampires got him. It's kind of annoying, but there it is.
Dovahneer 27. okt 2013 kl. 12:12 
How the hell is Dirge related to Delphine of the blades anyways....
Dovahneer 27. okt 2013 kl. 17:02 
Just checked, and Dirge is live and well.
Vardis 27. okt 2013 kl. 19:21 
If you have a save after the problem started, and before you messed around setting the quest stage yourself, can you load and and tell what quest stage you are on for 106?
Dovahneer 28. okt 2013 kl. 16:15 
I am on quest stage 150.
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